First Gharazzi-New Deseret War

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The First Gharazzi-New Deseret War or The Revolutionary War Of Gharazzi was a week long conflict between New Deseretand the Princapality Of Gharazzi in mid-May 2018.


The Princapality Of Gharazzi was formed by anti-communist citizens of New Deseret.It took two states of New Deseret and a third of the population.It soon attempted to turn New Deseret's allies against them, when that didn't work they declared war on New Deseret.


Gharazzi invaded the capital of New Deseret. The vice president of New Deseret and a mercenary hired by Gharazzi betrayed both countries, Gharazzi and New Deseret allied against them. Gharazzi then collapsed and became a state of New Deseret. Gharazzi gained independence but soon merged with New Deseret to become Seveiria.