Liberal Party (Wazakhstan)

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Liberal Party of Wazakhstan
PresidentHE TMH Ned Hilton PM
FoundedDecember 2017
HeadquartersWaztana (unofficial)
Membership  (2017)17
Political positionCentre to Centre-Left
Official colorsOrange
8 / 12
Executive Council of Wazambique
1 / 3
Dukes of Wazakhstan
2 / 3

The Liberal Party of Wazakhstan is the senior party in government in the Wazakhstani parliament. The party's incumbent president and founder is Prime Minister, His Eminence Ned Hilton. There are 8 members of the party, most of whom serve in the cabinet in well-respected roles.

The party's ideology is based around social liberalism whilst occupying the centre to centre-left ground. Some of its policies include the legalisation of cannabis and sex work, reinstating the maintenance grant for students from low-income households, favouring same-sex relationships, taking a pro-choice stance, legalising euthanasia, supporting a free-market economy and criminalising the practice of being a southerner.