Kate Flanagan

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Kate Flanagan MP
Minister for External Affairs
In office
December 2017 - present
King King Waz I
Predecessor Office established
Birth name Kate Flanagan
Citizenship United Kingdom
Ethnicity Smurfian (Blue)
Spouse(s) None
Residence Wazambique
Occupation Student

Professor Kate Elizabeth Flanagan M.D. MP is the incumbent Minister for External Affairs in the Wazakhstan government.

Non-micronational life

Kate Flanagan is currently a student studying at Ilkley Grammar School.

Micronational career

She was appointed the position in the early stages of the country's foundation.

She is a member of the Liberal Party and has held the title of Minister since the office's creation in December 2017.

Flanagan currently resides in the city of Smashmouth, Wazambique and is the younger sister of James Flanagan, Duke of Wazambique.


The Honourable Professor Kate Flanagan, Member of Parliament, Minister for External Affairs of Wazakhstan

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