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The Duchy of Wazambique

Duchy of Wazakhstan
Ilkley and Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, Great Britain
GovernmentExecutive Council of Wazambique
DukeLord Baron Flanagan

The Duchy of Wazambique, commonly known as Wazambique, is a subdivision of the Kingdom of Wazakhstan located in the West Yorkshire towns of Ilkley, Ben Rhydding and Huddersfield. The head of this Duchy is referred to as the Duke of Wazambique, which is currently held by the Lord Baron Flanagan.

The largest and capital city is Smashmouth, where the council chambers are located. Other settlements include Estereal, located in the east of the Duchy and Mindley, located some distance away to the south. It is governed by an executive council, made up of elected members. This city is the largest in Wazakhstan and is home to the majority of Dukes and citizens in the country.

The Executive Council currently consists of 4 members, all of whom reside in the Duchy.

Executive Council of Wazambique
Name Party
James Allanson Liberal Party
Catherine Boyle Pigeon Power
Alexander Johnson Independent
Blake Wood White Privilege
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