James Hodson

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James Edmund Hodson MP
Horacio having one of his spells
Deputy Prime Minister Wazakhstan
Assumed office
December 2017
Predecessor Position established
Successor Incumbent
Personal information
Born 1999
Birth name James Edmund Hodson
Citizenship United Kingdom
Ethnicity White British
Domestic partner None
Residence Smashmouth
Occupation Student
Religion Church of Enlgand

James Edmund Hodson MP, also known as Horacio, is the incumbent Deputy Prime Minister of Wazakhstan.

Non-micronational life

James Hodson is currently a student at university.

Micronational career

Hodson was one of the first registered citizens of Wazakhstan and given his desire to hold public office as expressed on his application form, he was granted position of deputy to Ned Hilton. He has held this position since the nation's foundation in 2017. Currently residing in Smashmouth, Wazambique when not travelling, he is of Yorkshire descent. Born near London, he is also a member of the Liberal Party.


The Honourable James Hodson, Member of Parliament, Deputy Prime Minister of Wazakhstan

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