List of Wazakhstani flags and symbols

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This list includes flags and symbols that either have been in use or are currently used by the Kingdom of Wazakhstan.

National flag

Flag Date Use Status
WazFlag.jpg November 2017 National Flag First flag of Wazakhstan, as designed by Fraser Farmery
YMCT.jpg November–December 2017 National Flag Second Flag in use in the early stages of the nation's foundation. The symbol of a 'W' is now widely used elsewhere
FlagofWazakhstan.jpeg January–August 2018 National Flag Served as flag for a long period prior to the redesign and overhaul of much of the nation's branding.
NewWazakhstanFlag1.png Since August 2018 National Flag In Use

Flags of Regions of Wazakhstan

Flag Date Use Status
NorthWazakhstan.png 2018 Flag of North Wazakhstan In Use
SouthWazakhstan.png 2018 Flag of South Wazakhstan In Use

Flags of Duchies and Territories of Wazakhstan

Flag Date Use Status
WazmaniaNew.png 2018 Flag of Wazmania In Use
WazerbaijanNew.png 2018 Flag of Wazerbaijan In Use
WazambiqueNew.png 2018 Flag of Wazambique In Use
WazbekistanNew.png 2018 Flag of Wazbekistan In Use
YMCTNewFlag.png 2018 Flag of Your Mum Capital Territory In Use

Personal Standards of Citizens of Wazakhstan

Personal Standard Date Use
Nedcrest.png 2017 Personal Standard of HE TMH Ned Hilton PM KOF KM
ThompsonCrest.png 2017 Personal Standard of V. Rev'd Lord Elliot Thompson, 1st Duke of Wazmania MP BA (Hons) MA (Hons) CH CBE FRS FRSA PhD KOF
RHiltonCrest.jpeg 2018 Personal Standard of Rev'd Rob Hilton MP

Political Party Logos

Logo Date Use
LiberalPartyLogo.jpg 2017 Logo of Liberal Party
Golden-spiral - Sam Hilton.png 2018 Logo of Science, Technology and Research Party
FD6E4740-0CCA-4F8B-A778-B66E7A570E82 - Archie Morrison.jpeg 2017 Logo of Freedom for Fidget Spinners
CommunistPartyLogo.jpg 2017 Logo of Communist Party