Your Mum

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Your Mum
—  Royal City  —
The Royal Household
Country Kingdom of Wazakhstan
Region North Wazakhstan
Territory Your Mum Capital Territory
Established 2018
 - High Sheriff Fraser Farmery
Population (2018)
 - Total 2
 - Rank 4th in Wazakhstan
Time zone UTC (UTC0)

Your Mum is the capital city of Wazakhstan. It is located in the Your Mum Capital Territory and has a population of 2. It was created as the first city in the country in 2017 and established as capital due to it being the official royal residence of King Waz I.

The name derives from a common phrase used by the King and his peers prior to the creation of the nation and attracts some interest from outside the country. Most notably, The recently formed Dank Party of Adammia has announced that one of its key policies is to establish a high-speed rail link between Adammia and the city. Whilst there has been no official endorsement of this policy by Wazakhstani officials, the Prime Minister has commented on the apparent sensibility of such a policy, claiming it to be "Of value to both countries, strengthening the economic and infrastructural integrity of Wazakhstan and the city of Your Mum".


Royal Household

The most notable feature of the city is property located on Manley Road, known as the Royal Household. It is the permanent residence of King Waz I who, when not in the city of Skinny-White-Boy, lives with his family and two dogs. The Household is also inhabited by Prince Dan Rowe and their two parents who are not Wazakhstani citizens.

The Royal Household has been visited by many citizens and was most recently visited by Prime Minister Ned Hilton in July 2018 who stayed for the night whilst on an official visit to the Duchy of Wazambique and the cities of Your Mum, Mindley, Estereal and Smashmouth.

Royal Gardens

These are the Gardens that surround the Royal Household and serve as an area of relaxation for the residents and also for hosting visiting guests.

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