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Oblast of the Kingdom of Wazakhstan
Selly Oak, Birmingham
FoundedNovember 2018
GovernmentExecutive Council of Wazmania

The Oblast of Goodbold is an unpopulated Oblast in the Kingdom of Wazakhstan. It is an exclave of the Kingdom, technically forming part of the Duchy of Wazmania, in South Wazakhstan.

It is an enclave of the Adammic territory of Ashoria, which claims the remainder of Selly Park, an area of recreational land in Selly Oak, Birmingham. It is the only land border with Wazakhstan's ally. The Oblast is formed of the centre circle of the most northerly football pitch in the park, measuring roughly 60m in circumference. As Ashoria is itself an enclave of the United Kingdom, Goodbold is a rare example of a second-order enclave in micronationalism.

It is administered by the Executive Council of Wazmania, though no residents live there. No Councillor has single responsibility, however joint decisions are agreed by a simple majority vote.