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Territory of the Empire of Adammia

West Midlands, Great Britain
Founded20 June 2017
Disestablished1 March 2020
GovernmentMilitary autocracy
DuchessLady Admiral Simpson

Pererria was a Territory of the Empire of Adammia, surrounded by the West Midlands in the United Kingdom. It was made up of a section of quayside and the adjoining canal. It was most notable for being home to the headquarters of the Adammic Navy, Pererria Naval Base, until June 2018. It was 341m² in size. Its governor was Lady Admiral Emily Simpson.

Pererria was originally located in Poole Harbour, but was forced to move in January 2018 after the bar adjoining the territory, which was previously owned by relatives of Admiral Simpson, was sold to persons unknown. It was then briefly located near to Simpson's term-time workplace in Birmingham city centre, but was forced to move again after she quit that job. It was finally located on the Worcester and Birmingham Canal, directly adjacent to University Station; it lied around 100 metres away from the University of Birmingham's School of Computer Science, where the Emperor of Adammia studied. Alongside Sandal Castle, it was one of the only Adammic territories whose exact location had been disclosed to the general public. It lied around 400 metres to the south of the Wazakhstani Oblast of Metchleygrad; the two micronational territories were separated only by the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

In its final location, Pererria was placed on the site of the ancient Roman Metchley Fort.

Pererria Naval Base

Pererria Naval Base covered the entirety of the territory. It was the headquarters of the Navy and the Navy's only unit, the 1st Imperial Fleet, was stationed there, until 30 June 2018, when Lady Simpson left the Navy in order to take up the position of Director of the Adammic Intelligence Service, and the fleet was relocated to Myway Docks Naval Base. The base at Pererria then sat empty, until it was formally decomissioned in February 2020.

The Navy did not operate any vessels out of the base. The quayside was frequently used by British vessels overseen by the macronational port authority, without any interference from the Adammic Navy.

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