Adammic Intelligence Service

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Adammic Intelligence Service
Agency overview
JurisdictionEmpire of Adammia
Agency executive
Parent departmentMinistry of Defence

The Adammic Intelligence Service (AIS), often colloquially referred to as Adammic Intelligence, is an agency of the Imperial Government in the Empire of Adammia, responsible for intelligence. Though the existence of the agency is not officially a secret, all of its operations are classified and it does not appear in most official lists of government agencies. References to the AIS in published documents are rare, although it is referred to in the Military of Adammia's general handbook, and in various other sources. Of the many files which the AIS is reputed to hold, a substantial dossier is reportedly held on the Lethler Experiment, despite it taking place before Adammia's establishment.

It was acknowledged in June 2018 that the outgoing chief-of-staff of the Adammic Navy, Lady Madam Emily Simpson, was being transferred to the head of the AIS. It is therefore presumed that she is the agency's current director.

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