Imperial Holdings Ltd.

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Imperial Holdings Ltd.
Private limited company
IndustryVideo games, software development, media, finance
Founded21 July 2017
FounderEmperor Adam I
Area served
Key people
Emperor Adam I, CEO
Total assets£1006.92
Total equity£1006.92
OwnerEmperor Adam I
Number of employees
SubsidiariesAB Animation Ltd.
Top Hat Software
Adammic Investment Ltd. (98.5%)
All figures given for 2018-19 financial year.

Imperial Holdings Ltd. is a private limited company in the Empire of Adammia. Set up on 21 July 2017 by Emperor Adam I, it acts as a holding company for the three Adammic businesses which the Emperor has set up: AB Animation Ltd., a YouTube-based media company; Top Hat Software, a software development and games development company; and Adammic Investment Ltd., a private investment fund primarily.

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