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Colonial Council of Adammia
HIM Emperor Adam I, Liberal Party
since 1 September 2013
Political groups
  Liberal (1)
  Adammic National (3)
  Independent (3)
Meeting place

The Colonial Council, officially the Colonial Council of Adammia, was a secondary legislature in the Empire of Adammia. Its purpose was to allow the Colonies of Adammia to contribute legislation to the Empire's primary legislature, the Ruling Council. Presided over by the Lord Chancellor, the Colonial Council could discuss bills which, if passed, were forwarded to the Ruling Council by means of the Delegate of the Colonies, which acted as a proxy seat for the Colonial Council on the Ruling Council. Each colony was allowed between one and three seats on the Council, which were filled according to the local laws of that colony. The Colonial Council could only discuss legislation which affected either only the colonies, or the entire Empire, as opposed to regular Acts of the Ruling Council which by default only affect the Empire's Provinces.


The Colonial Council was the result of Lord Sir John Smith, Governor of Adammic Columbia, complaining to the Emperor, Adam I, about the difficulties the colonies had in contributing legislation to the Empire, in May 2015. Adam I conceived the Colonial Council as a solution to the problem, which was met with approval by the governors of both colonies at the time, Adammic Columbia and Borealia. The Ruling Council passed the Colonial Council Act 2015 on 16 July 2015, formally establishing the Colonial Council.

On 15 March 2017, in response to deep inactivity within the Empire, Imperial Decree XLVI dissolved the Colonial Council until further notice.


At time of dissolution

Position Name (& Titles) Held office since Political party
Grand Duke of El Grandens HG Sir Cavan Garfield 23 January 2016 Adammic National Party
Lord of Kappania Lord Sir Carey 30 January 2016 Adammic National Party
Shogun of Dearneland Shogun Sir Daniel Pettinger 11 August 2016 Independent
Princess of Burghlia HH Princess Rebecca Spencer-Smith 11 August 2016 Independent
Governor of Alluria HIM Emperor Adam I 8 October 2016 Liberal Party
Governor of Adammic Columbia Lord Sir John Smith 14 November 2016 Independent
Governor of Midgard Colonel Sir Will McCracken 14 November 2016 Adammic National Party

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