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Principality of Burghlia

Colony of the Empire of Adammia

Gloucestershire, Great Britain
Founded11 August 2016
Disestablished15 March 2017
Population1 (+3 non-Adammic residents)
GovernmentSub-national absolute monarchy
PrincessRebecca of Burghlia

The Principality of Burghlia was a Colony of the Empire of Adammia, surrounded by the county of Gloucestershire in the United Kingdom. It was made up of a detached house and its gardens.


Burghlia's history was notably short-lived, with the territory being claimed on 11 August 2016 before being ceded back to the UK on 15 March 2017. This is believed to have been due to a distancing between Emperor Adam I and Princess Rebecca Spencer-Smith of Burghlia.


Burghlia was home to the only sub-national monarchy in Adammia, with the Prince or Princess serving as the colony's official governor. The only monarch was Princess Rebecca Spencer-Smith.

Line of succession

House of Spencer-Smith
HH Princess Rebecca of Burghlia

  • Matthew Spencer-Smith
  • Harry Spencer-Smith

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