Lion Game

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Lion Game
Developer(s)Top Hat Software
Publisher(s)Top Hat Software
Programmer(s)Emperor Adam I
Genre(s)Text-based adventure

The Lion Game is a simple text-based video game which was developed in the Empire of Adammia. It is known for being one of the first video games to be written by Emperor Adam I, and for being one of the first products to be produced in Adammia. Development of the game began in September 2013 by the Emperor, who was at the time acting as a private individual. The game never progressed beyond its public beta, which was released to the public in March 2014. After the Emperor officially founded Top Hat Software in May 2014, the company assumed the rights to The Lion Game, which is still available to download on Top Hat Software's website.


The Lion Game is described as a text-based survival game. In the game, the player controls a solitary lion, and must successfully hunt prey and find sources of water in order to survive. The aim of the game is to find and defeat the alpha male of the hyenas. The player may level-up their lion's stats and unlock new abilities.


The basic idea for the The Lion Game was inspired by Sir Sean "Flinny" Gunther KOA, a friend of Emperor Adam I. Gunther was a moderator on Sir Damian Parker's "World of Tux" Minecraft server, of which Adam I was the Head Administrator. Gunther's Minecraft avatar was famously a lion, and it was he who suggested that the Emperor should develop a game about a lion.

The Lion Game was developed intermittently throughout late 2013 and early 2014. Originally envisaged as a whimsical project aimed to entertain Gunther, the game slowly evolved into a broader project. Early versions of the game were only released in the World of Tux staff Skype chat, although copies of the game would invariably make their way to other corners of the WoT community, causing Adam I to jocularly accuse the server's moderators of "pirating" the game. At the suggestion of Parker, the game was eventually released under the GNU General Public Licence. Gunther is credited as the game's main tester and "ideas man"; the Emperor would frequently consult with Gunther regarding the features he would like to have added to the game. "WilliamGP11" is credited with writing the .bat file which served as the game's rudimentary launcher.

In March 2014, the game was released as a public beta, and the Emperor moved on to other projects, such as Interstellar Voyage, which was later cancelled. No final version of the game was ever released, and there are many areas of the game which have not been fully fleshed-out to this day. Technically, the game is still in its beta stage, but there is little prospect of any further development taking place.


The Lion Game was well-known within the World of Tux community, but gained virtually no recognition beyond this group of people.


In early 2015, Top Hat Software announced that it would be developing Lion Game 2, and the Emperor held talks with Gunther regarding the content of this proposed sequel. However, no actual development ever took place, and the game is currently considered cancelled.