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Imperial Archive
Agency overview
Formed21 June 2015
JurisdictionEmpire of Adammia
Agency executive
Parent departmentMinistry of Citizenship and Information

The Imperial Archive is an agency of the Imperial Government in the Empire of Adammia, operated by the Ministry of Citizenship and Information. It is responsible for preserving documents and artifacts that are important in the Empire's history. It was created on 21 June 2015 by the Imperial Archive and Statistics Act 2015. The first director of the Agency, Emperor Adam I, was appointed by the Minister of Information, Madam Julie Foster, on 5 July 2015.


Section A

Section A consists of a large ring binder containing documents relevant to Adammia, and it is usually stored in the Office of the Emperor at either Primoria or Serkatia. It is split into nine subsections:

  1. Treaties
  2. GUM Charter 2014
  3. GUM Charter 2016
  4. Ruling Council and Cabinet agendas
  5. Adammic Express
  6. Historic artefacts
  7. Imperial speeches
  8. Emperor's Fabulous Quiz
  9. Electoral nomination forms

The historic artefacts subsection is often displayed as a temporary museum on Foundation Day.

Section B

Section B is the restricted section, and its contents are classified. It travels with Section A, and is also contained in a ring binder.

Section C

Section C is an online image repository held on Google Drive. Its contents include photographs, flags, coats of arms etc. It consists of the following subsections:

  1. Alluria
  2. Dearneland
  3. El Grandens
  4. International
  5. Jagstonia
  6. Kappania
  7. Maternia
  8. Midgard
  9. Military
  10. Myway
  11. National
  12. Old
  13. People
  14. Pererria
  15. Primoria
  16. Tytannia
  17. Watertopia

Section D

Section D is a drawer located in White Gold Palace containing documents relating to the Boxall ancestry of the House of Hall. Its contents include copies of birth certificates, death certificates and marriage certificates.

Section E

Section E is mostly the same as Section D, except it holds documents relating to the Hall ancestry of the House of Hall.

Section F

Section F is the Imperial Library, which is owned privately by Emperor Adam I and has merely been catalogued by the Imperial Archive on his behalf. As well as fiction and non-fiction books, it includes magazines and large amounts of schoolwork and college work completed by the Emperor. It is held in a large storage compartment underneath the Emperor's bed in the Imperial Household in Primoria.

Section G

Section G is the Emperor's Private Collection. Like the Imperial Library, its contents are owned by Emperor Adam I and the Imperial Archive only catalogues them. Its contents include important documents as well as items of interest relating to the Emperor's non-micronational activities, such as his regular attendance at the Insomnia Gaming Festival and his membership of the Liberal Democrats. Section G is located in a drawer in the Emperor's bedroom in the Imperial Household, Primoria.

Section H

Section H is referred to as the Emperor's Secondary Private Collection, and it is considered an extension of Section G. However, whereas Section G stays fixed in Primoria, Section H tends to travel with Sections A and B between Primoria and Serkatia. It consists only of a few small trinkets.

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