Imperial Institute of Geography

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Imperial Insitute of Geography
Agency overview
Formed8 October 2013
JurisdictionEmpire of Adammia
Agency executive
Parent departmentMinistry of Citizenship and Information

The Imperial Institute of Geography is an agency of the Imperial Government in the Empire of Adammia, operated by the Ministry of Citizenship and Information. It is responsible for keeping records of the geography and place-names of the Empire and creating and publishing its official maps. It was created on 8 October 2013 by the Place-Names Act 2013. The first director of the Institute of History, Emperor Adam I, was appointed by the Minister of Information, Emperor Mother Jayne Belcher PM, during a Cabinet meeting on 31 May 2014. The IIG has produced maps of Primoria, Tytannia and Maternia.


External locations

The IIG recognises several place-names that have been given to places outside the Empire:

  • Belcher Cove, a small overhang at Flamborough, UK discovered by Emperor Adam I and named after him.
  • Astley Meadow, a British park which was formerly an Adammic territory before being ceded back to the UK in July 2014.
  • Fort Marie, a very small wall built by Emperor Adam I out of rocks on the beach at Saundersfoot, Wales, UK. It is named for Jayne Marie Belcher, Emperor Mother and Prime Minister of Adammia.
  • Creatuxia, an estate which was formerly an Adammic colony before being ceded back to the UK in April 2015, and Creatuxia Vetera, a house which was a previous location of the Colony.

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