Astley Meadow

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Astley Meadow

Territorial Claim of the Empire of Adammia
Great Britain
Founded21 January 2014
Disestablished14 July 2014

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Astley Meadow was a Territorial Claim of the Empire of Adammia located near to Primoria province. It was claimed by a 2-strong military force on 21 January 2014. The territory was made up of a park owned by the local macronational district council.


The land on which Astley Meadow is situated was frequented by Year 11 students at a nearby British school from September 2013 onwards, including Emperor Adam I. In January 2014, the Military of Adammia was mobilised for claiming new land to the Empire, which was to include Astley Meadow. The initial occupation took place on 21 January and Imperial Decree XIX solidified the claim shortly afterwards. However, the occupation triggered a hostile reaction from one of the Year 11s, triggering the Skirmish of Astley Meadow on 23 January and the ensuing Astley Meadow Insurgency.

The students, which included many honourary citizens of the Empire, continued to frequent Astley Meadow, with some of them becoming members of the Adammic Army, establishing a strong military presence in the park. In May 2014, the students left the school, and therefore stopped visiting Astley Meadow. On 22 May, Emperor Adam I officially withdrew all military presence from Astley Meadow for the last time.

Astley Meadow, despite being almost completely abandoned by Adammic citizens, continued to be claimed for another two months following the military withdrawal. Imperial Decree XXVI finally ceded the land back to the United Kingdom on 14 July 2014. Today, despite no longer being under Adammic sovereignty, the land that formerly comprised Astley Meadow still continues to bear that name in the eyes of the Adammic government.

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