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The Imperial Household with Belcher Street running next to it
The Imperial Household with Belcher Street running next to it
Adamsville within the province of Primoria (the city is outlined in red)
Adamsville within the province of Primoria (the city is outlined in red)
CountryEmpire of Adammia
RegionNorth Adammia
ProvinceGreater Tytannia
Established2 November 2013
 • Lord MayorHIH Emperor Father Kevin
 • Total0.000144 km2 (0 sq mi)
 • Water0 km2 (0 sq mi)
63 m (206 ft)
 • Total3
 • Rank1st in Adammia
Time zoneUTC0 (UTC)

Adamsville is the oldest city in the Empire of Adammia. It contains a street (a driveway), two buildings and a park. It is named after a faction Emperor Adam I once ran on a Minecraft multiplayer server. The city is located in the county of Primoria and was established by the then-province's local government on 2 November 2013. It has a population of 3, making it the joint most populous city in the Empire alongside Attenborough.


Imperial Household

Adamsville is dominated by the Imperial Household. The Household is the residence of most of the Imperial Family, including the Emperor, the two Princes, and the Emperor Father. Within the building itself, there is a kitchen, a living room and a conservatory downstairs. One end of the living forms the Local Government chamber of Primoria. The conservatory acts as the Adamsville Imperial Observatory. Upstairs is where the quarters of the Imperial Family can be found - Crown Prince Daniel in one room, then the Emperor Father Kevin, then the last room is used by Emperor Adam I during the summer, Christmas and Easter periods, and by Prince Jake during academic term-time, when the Emperor resides in Alluria. Crown Prince Daniel's room is home to the Ministry of Science and Technology, whilst the room shared by Emperor Adam and Prince Jake is home to the Ministry of Defence.

The Emperor's room contains the Command Desk from which the Emperor manages the nation and makes decisions, and a paper Adammic flag sellotaped to the wall. At the time the Empire was founded, this room was the only territory owned by the Empire. Today, the room is used by the Ministry of Defence as well as the Adammic Police Force and the Imperial Institute of History, with most of the entities ran by the Emperor being relocated to Alluria.

2 Belcher Street

Mainly used for storage, 2 Belcher Street is a garage that is rarely visited except by the Lord Mayor.

Adamsville Park

Adamsville Park forms about half of the back garden to the Imperial Household. It is rarely used, though some herbs are grown there. Part of the park is flagged, making a kind of informal plaza.

Kilmister Square

Kilmister Square is a small patio adjoining Adamsville Imperial Observatory and Adamsville Park, named in honour of Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister following his death on 28 December 2015 by Emperor Adam I.


The M2 (Belcher Street) is the only road in Adamsville and is the oldest named roadway in Adammia. It starts at the border with the UK, making its way past the Imperial Plains, through the gates of Adamsville, past the Imperial Household, an entryway to Adamsville Park, before ending at 2 Belcher Street. It was originally known as Adammia Street, and was renamed by an Edict of the Local Government of Primoria in 2014.

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