Adammic Police Force

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Adammic Police Force
Founded 9 February 2014
General nature Law enforcement
Local civilian police
Minister of Defence Lord Gilmour
Chief Constable Prince Jake
General information
Jurisdiction Empire of Adammia
Standard weapon N/A
Members 5
Website [1]

The Adammic Police Force is the official law enforcement body of the Empire of Adammia. It is managed by the Ministry of Defence and is led by a Chief Constable.


On 3 February 2014, Imperial Decree XX was issued by the Office of the Emperor, which handled numerous foreign affairs issues. However, it contained a short clause included as a joke, which made it illegal to play the notorious mobile game Flappy Bird in the Empire. This Decree was then presented to the Ruling Council on 9 February in Tytannia for review - it passed, but the mention of the game sparked interest amongst the Council members and other observers, and in a reverse-psychology effect, many Council members and observers had begun playing the game. Emperor Adam I noted that not only did Decree XX include no consequence for the law being broken (though several onlookers suggested a fine of £1), but there was also no entity in the Empire with the legal power to arrest - even the Monarch could not specifically do this. In response, a cousin of the Emperor, Eleanor Hall, suggested she become a police officer. The Emperor then issued Decree XXI, creating a police force, made Eleanor the constable for Myway, and departed the Province. This series of events is referred to as the Flappy Bird Crisis of 2014, and it led to the creation of the Adammic Police Force.


The current structure of the Police Force is that there is a Chief Constable with overall control over the force, followed by a Constable responsible for each Province. The current officers are:

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