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County of the Empire of Adammia
Greater Tytannia

CapitalImperial City (de-facto)
Founded21 April 2013 (24 November 2013 in current form)
CountessHIH Emperor Mother Jayne

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Tytannia is a county of the Empire of Adammia located in the province of Greater Tytannia. Its territory spans approximately 1286m², and consists of a large detached house, its two gardens, and a nearby area of grass.


The name Tytannia comes from the name of the ship Titanic. A 'y' was substituted in much in the style of Slin-Englysh, though this is coincidental.


Tytannia was originally intended to be Adammia's founding territory, and was "invaded" by Adam I on the afternoon of 13 April 2013 in a move which was at least partially inspired by Danny Wallace's 2005 invasion of Eel Pie Island. The invasion was considered a failure as Adam did not have the necessary resources to produce a flag, and Adammia's founding territory, established that evening, was instead located in what is now Primoria.

Tytannia was first founded on 21 April 2013 following a deal between Emperor Adam I and Crown Prince Daniel of Adammia, whereby the Crown Prince would take control of a province in their grandparent's back garden in exchange for joining the Empire. The two brothers then launched a second "invasion" of the garden, this time bringing the resources needed to create a simple paper flag, which hangs in the conservatory (now known as Governor's Residence) to this day. Tytannia in its earliest form was just this, with the rest of the property forming the province of Sapientia, annexed a week later on 28 April. While Tytannia saw such events as the Skirmish of Tytannia and Emperor Adam I's first speech, Sapientia hosted numerous meetings of the Ruling Council.

On 24 November 2013, the Tytannia and Sapientia Act 2013 was approved by the Ruling Council. This merged the old provinces of Tytannia and Sapientia into one greater Tytannia Province, which inherited the Local Government of Sapientia. It was also split into its two counties of Tytannia Major and Sapientia, formed out of the old provinces.

In January 2014, Tytannia Ulterior, a piece of empty land across the road only a few dozen metres away from the north border of Sapientia, was claimed by the Empire, which greatly increased the size of the Province. Tytannia's current place-names were assigned by an Edict of its local government on 15 February 2014.

Madam Winifred Hall passed away on 11 April 2016, leaving Sir Reginald Hall as the sole resident of Tytannia.

On 28 October 2017, the Empire of Adammia Act 2017 downgraded Tytannia to a county within the larger province of Greater Tytannia.


Provincial Government (2013-2017)

Dukes and Duchesses


Year Councilor Party Notes
2013 Sir Reginald Hall Independent Minister of Finance (2013–17)

Deputy Prime Minister (2013–14, 2016–17)
Chief Advisor to the Monarch (2013–present)

2015 Labour Party


The Lowlands

The Lowlands are an area of grass, the front lawn to White Gold Palace, in Sapientia between Imperial City and the Adammia-UK border. The M1 (originally known as East Road when it was still the eastern-most road in the Empire, since renamed to West Road to reflect its relative position within Tytannia) runs through the Lowlands. The A10, also known as Bates Street (named after the founder of Sealand) starts at the eastbound turnoff at the M1's Junction 2 and separates the Lowlands from Imperial City.

The A10 ends at a wall which separates Tytannia from the neighbouring British property. However, White Gold Palace is not quite flush with this wall, meaning that there is a thin gap called the Tyderium Pass, spanning from 7 cm at its narrowest to 40 cm at its widest, in between the palace and the wall of the neighbouring British house. Tyderium Pass is almost inaccesible due to the walls that surround it, requiring two ladders (one to climb over one side of the wall and one to climb down the other side). Sir Reginald Hall is the only known person alive who has entered and confirmed the existance of Tyderium Pass, using it to block up holes that mice were using to enter White Gold Palace. Due to the age of the buildings, it is feasible that Sir Reginald is the first human to have stood in the Pass in 300 years.

Imperial City

Meeting chambers of the Ruling Council in White Gold Palace, Imperial City.

Imperial City is the capital city of the Empire of Adammia. It sits in both Sapientia and Tytannia Major. Its main road is the A1 (Norton Road); the only other transport route is the B101 (Demijohn Street).

White Gold Palace is an iconic structure in the Empire of Adammia. It is the only residence in Tytannia, and has one inhabitant. It is home to numerous government offices, including the Chambers of the Ruling Council. Governor's Residence adjoins White Gold Palace.

Koifish Lake.

Imperial Square is a small public plaza with a couple of seats, and a gathering place for locals when the weather is pleasant. The section of the lawns of White Gold Palace that is in Imperial City is known as Central Park. The park is directly adjacent to Imperial Square and as such is popular with locals in summer. Koifish Lake is a small man-made pond near Imperial Square, home to many plants and several goldfish and river fish. The lake is fed by Shooter Falls, a mechanical waterfall.

The Industrial Estate consits of two medium-sized sheds near the back of the county, which are used for storage. There is a small alleyway between them and a small yard behind them.

Tytannia Army Base

The area east of Central Park, just outside of Imperial City, is where the Tytannia Army Base is located. This base is primarily only used by the Western Regiment of the Adammic Army. There is a small structure containing a flowerbed in the army base, from which it is possible to see over the border into the UK. As a result, this structure is sometimes used by the Army for guarding the border. The flowerbed currently contains a small memorial to the late Madam Winifred Hall.

Outwood Orchard

Outwood Orchard is the agricultural heart of the Empire of Adammia, where pears and plums are grown from two trees.

The Highlands

The Highlands are found at the southernmost point of Tytannia. Here, the A1 forms a set of steps lined with flowerbeds, and there are many other plants in the area.

Tytannia Ulterior

Tytannia is a barony that is also a Territory, which is a unique arrangement in the Empire. The Tytannia Local Government does not exercise as much control over Tytannia Ulterior as it does the rest of the province because it doesn't actually own it. The A11, better known as Common Lane, traverses most of the county. Within the semi-circle formed by the A11 is Tytannia Common, an empty plain of grass. The rest of county is mainly bushes.


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