Imperial Bank of Adammia

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Imperial Bank of Adammia
EstablishedSeptember 2018
DirectorEmperor Adam I
Central bank ofEmpire of Adammia
CurrencyPound sterling
GBP (ISO 4217)
Reserves~£4500 (January 2021)
Bank rateTBA

The Imperial Bank of Adammia is a private limited company in the Empire of Adammia. The Bank holds a unique position in the Empire, as a private company which was established by an Act of Council and has specific legal requirements. The Bank is owned by the Monarchy of Adammia, and essentially acts as the vehicle by which the Emperor provides his own funding to the Empire's government, by means of grants (the Sovereign Grant) or loans. The Bank is also permitted to loan money to other private companies (but not political parties).

A distinction should be drawn between the Imperial Bank and His Majesty's Imperial Treasury. The Bank consists of cash reserves privately owned by the Emperor, whereas the Treasury consists of state-owned cash which is controlled by the executive branch; the former grants or loans money to the latter. Due to the Bank's unique legal position, it has not been made a part of Imperial Holdings Ltd., which is the holding company for the Emperor's other private enterprises.


The Imperial Bank of Adammia was essentially commissioned by the Public Finance Act 2018, which was passed in June 2018, though the Bank was only officially registered with the Imperial Companies Agency in September of that year.

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