Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Adammia)

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Logo of the ministry
Ministry overview
Formed 1 September 2013
Jurisdiction Empire of Adammia
Headquarters Serkatia
Employees 1
Minister responsible HIM Emperor Adam I, Minister of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the government department responsible for foreign policy and diplomacy in the Empire of Adammia. It was one of the original eight Ministries created by the Government Ministries Act 2013 on 1 September 2013.

The only Minister of Foreign Affairs has been Emperor Adam I, serving from the date the Ministry was created until the present. The Ministry's official office is in the Emperor's bedroom in the province of Serkatia.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has no child agencies. It manages the Empire's delegation at the Grand Unified Micronational, and has been known to work with the Ordo Vladius when the Emperor is unable to attend Quorum. The Adammic delegation to the GUM currently consists of Emperor Adam I and Lord Helliker.

Persona Non Grata

The MoFA maintains Adammia's list of people who are considered Persona Non Grata. The following people are banned from entering the Empire of Adammia.

Name Known aliases Since Given reasons
Park Jae-sang "Psy" November 2013 (de-facto since April 2013 as an "enemy of the state") "Espoused values contrary to Adammic culture."
Lewis Burnage "BCH_Lewis" November 2013 "Harrassment and veiled threats of violence against the Emperor. Compulsive liar."
Daniel Callaghan 2016 "Harrassment of the Emperor and the Crown Prince, mockery of the extended Imperial Family including its deceased relatives, vandalism of the Empire's MicroWiki pages."
Alan Scott Corrall August 2016 "Manipulation of persons associated with the Empire."
Josh Pennie "MJPakaMatt" April 2018 "Numerous issues around persons associated with the Empire, including suspected damage to property, inappropriate behaviour towards underaged persons, spreading of rumours, and suspected rohypnol spiking. Compulsive liar."

Former Persona Non Grata

  • Simon Garner, between 2013 - 2015. Banned due to a personal dispute with the Emperor and Sir Damian Parker. Since the dispute with the Emperor was resolved in 2015, he has since become Sir Simon Garner COA.

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