Adammic National Party

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Adammic National Party
LeaderLord Garfield
Deputy LeaderLord Carey
Founded17 February 2016
Dissolved19 May 2023
HeadquartersEl Grandens
Membership (2016)8
Political positionRight Wing

The Adammic National Party, commonly abbreviated as the ANP, was a right-wing, anti-establishment political party in the Empire of Adammia founded in 2016. It was been led by Lord Sir Cavan Garfield, with Lord Carey as the Deputy Leader and chief spokesperson.

After achieving notoriety in late 2016 due its opposition to many of the Emperor's liberal policies, the party faded into obscurity in 2017; it technically remained on the party register until 2023, when the Office of State declared it dissolved due to inactivity.


The ANP was founded on 17 February 2016 in order to advocate a harsher stance against one Daniel Callaghan, a troll who spent much time vandalising Adammic MicroWiki pages in the early months of 2016. The party was founded by Cavan Garfield, Grand Duke of El Grandens, and Lord Carey, Lord of Kappania, who, like Callaghan, were part of the same academic year group as the Emperor's brother, Crown Prince Daniel, at the local British high school.

At the time the party was founded, it was competing with both Will McCracken's Imperial Party and John Smith' Conservative Party to be Adammia's main right-wing voice. The Imperial Government attempted to appease the ANP's original demands by declaring Callaghan persona non grata, but the ANP called for further action, suggesting military action against Callaghan. As 2016 went on, the ANP began to adopt an increasingly radical, so-called "alt-right" platform. Lord Carey, despite not being the official party leader, frequently acted as its spokesperson, triggering debates with the Emperor and others in the Imperial Skype Lounge.

The ANP gained its first real power when its home territories of El Grandens and Kappania were elevated to colony status, giving its governors seats on the Colonial Council, following the secession of Borealia and Adammic Columbia in August 2016. Now suddenly with a majority on the Colonial Council, the ANP quickly set about sending proposals to the Ruling Council, starting with a controversial bill to replace Adammia's national anthem with the lead track from Garfield's own debut album, Succ. Due to a misunderstanding of parliamentary procedure, the Ruling Council originally mistakenly endorsed the bill, before withdrawing its support five minutes later. This led the ANP to accuse the Emperor of "rigging" Ruling Council votes, and it was at this point that the party adopted an increasingly anti-establishment position, abandoning its original goal of tackling Callaghan, and launching a concerted effort to gain a seat on the Ruling Council, from which its leaders claimed they felt excluded.

The Conservative Party folded in August 2016 after Smith left Adammia, and the McCracken's Imperial Party merged into the ANP in November. This solidified the ANP's control of the Colonial Council, and its position as the Empire's only right-wing political party. When Kappania finally broke the tie in the knife-edge August national election, the ANP claimed that it had decided the election in favour of Lord McKenna.

Deteriorating relations between the ANP and the Emperor are sometimes cited as the reason for the Adammic Esports Association's failure to organise events following its adoption as the national sport in September 2016.

Tensions came to a head on 9 November, when the Office of the Emperor issued an Imperial Decree withdrawing recognition of the United States, in the wake of the election of Donald Trump. The ANP, along with other members of the emerging, colonial Adammic right-wing such as Smith and Richard Hytholoday, strongly condemned the move. On 13 November, the ANP declared in the Imperial Skype Lounge that it had no confidence in the government, and called for an early election; after some discussion of constitutional technicalities, it soon changed tack and challenged the Emperor for his Ruling Council seat: the Delegate of the Colonies.

The ensuing by-election is now often considered the ANP's sole shot at serious power in the Empire. Attempts by the party to introduce new, ANP-voting colonies in the run-up to the election were rejected by the Emperor. During the campaign, the Emperor often questioned whether the ANP's supposedly "populist" policies were actually popular, running a controversial opinion poll on the ANP's national anthem policy (this controversy would be echoed two years later when the Adammic Express began to conduct voting intention opinion polls). Although Hytholoday previously associated himself with McCracken's Imperial Party, he immediately distanced himself after the party merged with the ANP; his talk of founding a new "heritage" party never came to fruition. The Emperor held his seat in the by-election, but the ANP insisted that the election could have been rigged due to the fact that the Emperor himself was the election's returning officer. Despite the Emperor's personal assurances, the ANP were not satisfied. The fact that the Emperor seemingly had only won the by-election due to the support of the Ordo Vladius led the ANP to briefly call for the abolition of the organisation.

The ANP did attempt to compromise with the Emperor on some issues towards the end of 2016, particularly after Callaghan mocked the passing of Winifred Hall in April, which arguably hardened the Emperor's stance. The Emperor therefore agreed to support an ANP motion to condemn Callaghan. Ultimately, the original issue that sparked the tension between the ANP and the government was rendered moot when, on 26 November, Lord McKenna successfully motioned to have the Emperor's decree overturned, thus restoring recognition of the United States.

The ANP opposed the Third Amendment to the Supreme Directive during its referendum in December 2016, claiming that they disagreed with its supposed implication that it allowed non-binary individuals to serve as monarch (specifically, they criticised the use of "them", rather than "him/her"). The Emperor extended a final olive branch to the ANP by attending "JoelonianCon" at Kappania on 23 December. Here, the ANP swelled in size by recruiting a number of its friends as honourary Adammic citizens, and for some time it was the largest political party in Adammia by membership. However, the party's endorsement of eugenics in the new year marked the final straw for the Emperor, and when inactivity measures were introduced in March 2017, the Emperor dissolved the Colonial Council, effectively cutting the ANP out of mainstream politics. Although the ANP protested the decision at the time, even going so far as to suggest that the Emperor should abdicate, the party shortly thereafter fell silent.

The party played no role in Adammic politics in the Second Era. El Grandens and Kappania were quietly ceded back to the United Kingdom at the end of 2018. The party was supplanted as Adammia's largest by membership in September 2018 when the Liberal and Moderate parties merged, forming the Liberal-Moderate Party. The death of the party largely coincided with the demise of the Imperial Skype Lounge, which was supplanted in 2017 by the official Empire of Adammia Facebook group. On 19 May 2013, Emperor Adam I issued Imperial Decree LXXXV, making it easier for the Office of State to strike from the party register parties which had been inactive for three years or more. The ANP was struck from the register and declared dissolved by the Office of State immediately afterwards.

Policy and ideology

The ANP did not go as far as some of the parties that later took up the "anti-establishment" mantle, such as the Storm Party, in the extent of its calls for constitutional reform; officially, however, it called for a 2/3rds majority of the Colonial Council to override the Ruling Council, something which was immediately dismissed by the Emperor on the grounds that it would effectively give the colonies control over the entire Empire. The ANP maintained its campaign against Daniel Callaghan and its campaign to introduce Succ as the national anthem throughout its active history. Its goal of making JoelonianCon an "official event" were partially met; the Office of the Emperor reluctantly agreed to promote the event on social media. Later, the the ANP went so far as to table a motion calling on the Colonial Council to endorse eugenics, which is often considered to be the most extreme of all the party's policies.

The party described its "end game" as getting a representative on the Ruling Council, specifically its leader, Lord Garfield. However, at the time, the Ruling Council consisted entirely of the Emperor's extended family, making the presence of people such as Garfield at family meetings a potentially awkward affair. That being said, the Emperor had stated prior to the November 2016 by-election that he would try his best to accommodate Garfield should he be elected, and ANP spokespeople stated that Garfield would resign his seat if it proved practically impossible to accommodate him. However, these circumstances never came to pass.

Electoral results

The ANP never stood a candidate in local elections, as it never had a single party member in any Adammic provinces; all of its members either lived in colonies, or abroad in the United Kingdom. It was also never able to stand a candidate in a national election, as it never held a single seat on the Ruling Council. The party's sole electoral contest was the November 2016 Delegate of the Colonies by-election, which it narrowly lost to the incumbent Liberal Party by 3 votes to 4.