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Studio album by Succ
Released30 July 2016
Recorded2016 in El Grandens
Succ chronology
N/A Succ
Singles1. Succ (25 April 2016)
2. Lionel Hutz (2 June 2016)

Succ was the first and only album by Adammic vaporwave artist Succ, the stage name of HG Colonel Sir Cavan Garfield. It is notable for being the first album to be made in the Empire of Adammia, being largely produced in the then-Territory of El Grandens. It was released on YouTube in July 2016. The album recieved some recognition within Adammia after the first single from the album, Succ, was featured on Adammia FM. The Adammic National Party caused minor controversy when they used their majority on the Colonial Council to pass a bill requesting that a referendum be held on changing the National Anthem of Adammia from Chariots of Fire to the single Succ. The Ruling Council rejected the bill, making it the first bill in the Empire's history to have been voted down.

As of 2019, the album appears to no longer be available on YouTube, and may have been taken down by its creator.

Track listing

  1. Kermit
  2. Succ
  3. Ortizmo
  4. Save Me
  5. Good Luck, Good Succ
  6. interlude I
  7. Wam
  8. Memethony Memetano
  9. Lionel Hutz
  10. interlude II
  11. Lil Bitch
  12. Ambient Memes
  13. Ceaser Milan
  14. Is Mayonnaise an Instrument
  15. BuyMyAlbum