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Country Empire of Adammia
Region South Adammia
Province Serkatia
Established 29 August 2019
Disestablished 5 September 2020
 - Lord Mayor Lord General Read
 - Total 0.00008 km2 (0 sq mi)
 - Water 0 km2 (0 sq mi)
Elevation 142 m (465 ft)
Population (2019)
 - Total 1
 - Rank 3rd in Adammia
Time zone UTC (UTC0)
Postcode SK1

Varwall was a city in the Empire of Adammia located in the province of Serkatia. It consisted of a single terraced house, a small square and a shed. The city was established by Imperial Decree on 29 August 2019. It had a population of 1.


Varwall derived its name from the same forum-based role-playing game from which Serkatia and Adammia itself are derived. Serkatia derives its name from Serkat, a fictional nation created by Lord Alex Helliker for the purposes of the aforementioned game. Serkat was heavily based on the video game Dishonored, and its capital city, Varwall, is derived from Dishonored's setting, the city of Dunwall. The Adammic city of Varwall took its name directly from this fictional city.

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