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The Secundomian Sector refers a group of micronations located in and around the area of Johnson County, Kansas, tangentially or directly connected to the nation of Secundomia. There are multiple groupings of each nation, and are to a large degree inactive. The sector comprises of iterations of Secundomia, nations founded during the Secundomian Micronational Boom, and nations founded as stand-ins for Secundomia or Parker I (due to multiple political and situational needs). Some micronations located outside of the sector have occupied land within the area as well as had close relationships with the sector itself.

Nations in the Secundomian Sector

Iterations of Secundomia

Secundomia is the largest nation of the sector and has been through a variety of different names and periods.

  • Republic of Skillz (December 2009) The Republic of Skillz lasted less than 24 hours. By some histories it is considered the nation from which Secundomia sprouted, however others consider the Kingdom to be the original nation. This dispute was often held over whether or not Nate I was considered a founder of the Republic of Secundomia, as he was an original member of Skillz before its dissolution.
  • Kingdom of Secundomia (December 2009) The Kingdom of Secundomia also lasted less than 24 hours, in direct conflict with Skillz. It was dissolved quickly afterwards and replaced by the Republic of Secundomia
  • Republic of Secundomia (2009-2012) The "First Republic" of Secundomia was the most prolific and influential nation in the sector. It achieved intermicronational notoriety and influence at various times during its reign. Its later years fell prey to inactivity and it joined the Eran Federation.
  • Unincorporated State of the former Republic of Secundomia (2012-2014) was the unofficial iteration of Secundomia after its secession from Eran. It was largely inactive.
  • Reformed Kingdom of Secundomia (2014-2015) was the "Second Kingdom" of Secundomia which sought to take on a similar role to the dormant Sterling, continuing the exposure of Secundomia to the intermicronational community, while accepting the downfall of its internal inactivity.
  • The Realms of The Kingdom of Secundomia, The Principality of Sterling and the Principality of Tergumterra under the Third King (2015) is the "Third Kingdom" of Secundomia united all known existing nations within the Secundomian Sector to preserve the history and heritage of Secundomia. It was formed by a coup-de-etat in all three nations. The Third Kingdom was short lived and largely inactive both intermicronationally and internally.
  • Democratic Republic of Secundomia. (2015-2016) The Democratic Republic of Secundomia (or the "Second Republic") was created in the ashes of the Third Kingdom to reflect the influx of several new citizens and the possibility of future activity, as well as shifts in the internal politics of the nation. Activity was short lived and the nation entered dormancy yet again.
  • Federation of Secundomian Socialist Republics. (2016–Present) The FSSR was created as a federation of socialist republics bound together by the Secundomian sector. It was founded to reflect the shifting politics of Secundomia and its curator, Parker I. While the nation remains largely inactive, it is the current standard bearer of Secundomian history.

Nations Founded In the Secundomian Micronational Boom

The Secundomian Micronational Boom saw many nations arise out of the area around the largest nation.

  • Galla (?-?) Mysterious nation associated closely with Secundomia. The dates of its founding and dissolution are unknown, but it had early contact with the nation of Secundomia in its formulation phase.
  • Empire of Atlan (December 2009-?) The Empire of Atlan existed as a concept prior to Secundomia, however was officially founded by a Secundomian citizen. Confusion over its founding lead to a dispute over the land of Atlan. This was later reclarified and the nation was considered free. The ultimate fate of Atlan is unknown as it lost contact with the leaders of Secundomia in 2011.
  • Voitokas (Early 2010) An early Secundomian state known as Halstopia proved unstable with its secession and collapse due to a military coup in late 2009. However, the leaders of this state began efforts to start their own micronation, which several Secundomian citizens were in. As Voitokas sought to avoid detection of the more established Secundomia, it became subject to an investigation by the Secundomian Intelligence Agency. Ultimately Voitokas failed to establish stability and activity and disappeared in mid-2010.

Parallel Nations to Secundomia

A variety of micronations were created as stand-ins for Secundomia for political and cultural purposes. These were usually headed by Parker I.

  • Res Publica Tergumterra (2012-?) This Micronation was formerly a member of the Slinky Empyre, after its collapse, the department was returned then spun-off from Secundomia to preserve the differing cultures of Tergumterra and Secundomia itself.
  • Riverstone (2011-2012) Riverstone was a short-lived Micras nation that for almost all purposes was a copy of Secundomia. The leaders of Secundomia sought to enter the Micras sector, but also sought not to alienate its political station in the brick-and-mortar oriented MicroWiki community, as well as maintain Secundomia's physically oriented status. Riverstone was a project created by and for the government of Secundomia. In order to meet the criteria for a Micras Claim, however, Riverstone was a technically separate entity consisting of the same citizens, same leaders and government structure as Secundomia itself.
  • Kingdom of Sterling (2010) After losing a hard-fought election in Secundomia, Parker I sought to maintain his connections within MicroWiki without fearing the loss of a spot within the Secundomian administration. Sterling was created to sustain this position, as well as act as a political and military tool for Parker in the Austenasian Civil War, when the remainder of the Secundomian government was disinterested in conflict.
  • Republic of Sterling (2012-?) Sterling outlived its usefulness, and was translated into a Secundomian Colony. In 2012, Secundomia renounced its ownership of Arctic colonies, and Sterling was spun-off into a Republic.
  • Republic of Sterling and Tergumterra. (?-2015) The third iteration of both Tergumterra and Sterling was created the administrative purpose of streamlining extraneous nations in the Secundomian sector. This nation was inactive throughout its entire existence and only exists as a historical and cultural footnote. The date in which it was founded was undocumented and is now unknown, however it likely occurred between late 2012 and early 2013.

Dependent Micronations in the Secundomian Sector

  • Secundomian Dependent Territory of the Sandbars. (2010-2011) Bubba Marrra approached Parker I with the proposition of becoming a dependent territory of Secundomia on a temporary basis. Sandbars was entirely autonomous de facto but was de jure dependent of Secundomia during much of its lifespan. It, alongside Sterling, had the distinction of being geographically located far away from the Kansas homes of other nations in the sector.
  • Eranian Secundomia (2012) is used to refer to the nation of Secundomia underneath Eran.
  • Colony of Sterling (2010-2012) A Secundomian Colony formerly known as the Kingdom of Sterling. It was later spun off as the Republic of Sterling.

Supra-Micronational Entities in the Secundomian Sector

  • The Intermicronational Democratic Commonwealth (2010-2012) was a supramicronational commonwealth that included the Republic of Secundomia, Sandbars, Sterling and Res Publica Tergumterra. It was also known as the Secundomian Commonwealth. This was the largest unification of nations within the Secundomain Sector. Never officially disbanded, but was made redundant with Secundomia's entry into the Eran Federation.
  • Eran Federation. (2012–Present) Discussed below, was mainly located outside of the sector.

Sub-National Entities of Non-Secundomian Sector Nations

  • Tergumterra Department of the Slinky Empyre (later of the Slinky Republyc). (2010-2011) Tergumterra is a patch of land inside of Middle Secundomia that was gifted to Slinky Empyre. After the collapse of the Slinky Empyre, the Tergumterra Department joined several others in the establishment of the Slinky Republyc. The Department was disestablished in 2011 and transferred to the Republic of Secundomia, later given independence for cultural reasons as Res Publica Tergumterra.

Other Nations Involved in the Secundomian Sector

These are nations which, while largely outside of the Secundomian sector politically, geographically and culturally, exhibited significant influence or ownership over parts of the Sector.

Other Nations Geographically In the Secundomian Sector

  • NottaLotta Acres (?) was located geographically close to the Secundomian Sector. It was also an early nation in contact with the Republic of Secundomia, however never was considered politically and culturally a portion of the sector itself.
  • Democratic People's Republic of Kirkland (2011–Present) is also located in the Kansas City area. Kirkland had little to no contact with other nations within the sector.
  • Kingdom of Coleraine. (2009–Present) The geographic area of the Secundomian Sector is entirely eclipsed by that of Coleraine. No nation has pressed a land dispute, however.
  • Kingdom of Uantir. (2007–Present) Uantir is located just to the north of the Secundomian Sector geographically, however it never was considered politically and culturally a portion of the sector.