Empire of Livonia

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The Empire of Livonia is a territorial micronation founded on 4 October 2012.

Empire of Livonia
Motto: In Trinitate robur
(Strength is in the Trinity)
Anthem: "Battle Hymn of the Empire"
File:Missouri, USA
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentDictatorial Oligarchy
• Imperial High Councilor
Marc Anthony(Labour Party)
LegislatureImperial Council
EstablishmentOctober 4th, 2012
• Census
CurrencyLivonian Florin
Time zone(UTC-6)
Anthem is the "Battle Hymn of the Republic" renamed. Only versus 1, 2, and 4 of the original are sung.


The initial idea for Livonia emerged when John[who?] wanted to start a government simulation. John decided that a federal monarchy, much like the Holy Roman Empire, would be the most interesting. Then, late in September 2012 John found microwiki. This led him to wish to turn his little experiment into a whole new nation. This led directly to the creation of Livonia on October 4, 2012.

On December 23, 2012 the Emperor issued the Declaration of Universal Annexation. In one stroke the Emperor unilaterally annexed all claimed Livonian territory from the United States. A flurry of activity ensued. The Emperor convened numerous town hall meetings with his new citizens. They passed many new laws over the next month. Finally on January 29, 2013 the town halls ceeded their power to an interim House of Representatives that was to serve until elections occurred in March.

In early March 2013 the nation entered into a civil war that would go on for two months. The war was waged between radical Marxists, termed "anarchists" by the government of the Empire, and those loyal to the Imperial government. In the end the Marxists were able to hold out and force a settlement by the Imperial Government. The nation was split virtually in half with the north and west becoming the Union of Soviet Socialist States of Livonia.

Shortly after the civil war the Emperor announced that he was abolishing the nation and giving up his titles. This did not deter the central government. They decided to keep the Empire intact but they would run it as an oligarchy of those already in government. New individuals would be asked to join the ruling council but otherwise the nation would become an oligarchical dictatorship. Their regularly stated their intention to attack the USSSL and regain their lost territory, but waning support for the Empire prevented them from fielding more than 10 troops at any given time.


Currently all territory owned by Livonia is based in the United States, particularly the state of Missouri. The territory is based around the Emperor's family apartment in northern Kansas City, Missouri and the surrounding territory.


Government and politics

The Empire of Livonia is governed as a federal constitutional monarchy. Under this system, there is a central government that is comprised of representatives from each of Livonia's constituent states along with a strong executive in the form of the Emperor and the Imperial Council.


The Emperor is the head of state of the Empire of Livonia. They act as the unifying force of the Empire. Despite the presence of a strong legislature, the Emperor still retains many governmental functions. This was designed to allow the Emperor to govern alone should the need arise.

The Emperor is a hereditary monarch and serves until either their death or abdication.

Prime Minister

The Prime Minister is the head of the government of Livonia. They preside over the Imperial Council and act as the primary adviser to the Emperor.

Imperial Council

The Imperial Council is the cabinet of Livonia. Their duties include the administration of all government ministries, except the ministry of defence, and advising the Emperor of the course of government policy. They are appointed by the Emperor with the consent of a majority of the House of Representatives. It is customary for the leader of the majority party to submit a list of candidates to the Emperor for appointment to the Council.

House of Representatives

The House of Representatives is the unicameral legislature of Livonia. Representatives are elected from the constituent territories of Livonia. Each territory is represented by up to three representatives and each territory is permitted to determine how its Representatives are selected so long as the process is democratic in nature. Representatives serve for a term of 6 months

Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is the judicial branch of the Livonian government. The Supreme Court hears all cases of both criminal and constitutional law.

The Constitution of Livonia grants the Supreme Court the power of judicial review over the laws and policies of the Empire of Livonia. This power is unique because unlike many other legal systems, the Supreme Court may begin the process of judicial review on its own accord.


Imperial Kingdom of Livonia

The Imperial Kingdom of Livonia, Imperial Livonia for short, is the capital territory of the Empire of Livonia. It is governed directly by the Emperor.


The Livonian Imperial Defence Force is the military of Livonia. It is comprised of the Imperial Army, Imperial Navy, Imperial Air Corps, and Imperial Guard.

The LIDF is governed by the High Council which is composed of the heads of the branches of the military along with a separately appointed Supreme High Councillor. The Supreme High Councillor is also the de facto Minister of Defence since that ministry does not officially exist. The High Council is appointed by the Emperor with the consent of a majority of the House of Representatives. The members of the High Council serve for terms of 6 months.

Foreign Affairs

Currently, Livonia wishes to establish relations with other nations.

Law and Order