Eastern Secundomia

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Eastern Secundomia
Languages spoken English, Secundomian
Date founded Aug 2015 (as New Secundomia)
Demonym East Secundomian

Eastern Secundomia, also known as New Secundomia under the DRS is a district within the Socialist Republic of Secundomia part of the broader FSSR. The district was created as Middle Secundomia became unoccupied by Parker I as he moved across state lines.


New Secundomia

When the Democratic Republic was established in August 2015, an area comprising of a section of Kansas City, MO was set aside as New Secundomia. The district was established by the Revolutionary Coalition to provide a base for the new government of Secundomia. Its capital was known as Eastern Secundomia, also serving as the capital of the DRS.


With the advent of the FSSR, New Secundomia was reorganized together with the former district of Secundomia (which comprised of all Secundomian lands excepting Gravois, Sterling-Charcot and Tergumterra) into the Socialist Republic of Secundomia. The former district of New Secundomia was retitled after its capital city as Eastern Secundomia. During the FSSR Eastern Secundomia has played host to the national capital several times.


New Secundomia covers a strip of land located between the Blue Hills district (to the south and east) and the district of Lower Secundomia (to the southwest). Its capital and largest city is Eastern Secundomia located in the center of the district. Located in the east side of the district is the city of Hyde which was also capital of the FSSR from 2018 to 2019. In the north is the young city of Hanover which currently serves as the capital of the FSSR.


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