Middle Secundomia

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Middle Secundomia
Languages spoken English
Date founded December 16th, 2010
Population 5 (3 are Secundomian)
Demonym Middle Secundomian
Governor Parker I

Middle Secundomia is the first state of Secundomia. It is governed by Parker I of Secundomia.



Glen County

Glen County, one of the most important counties of Secundomia was originally founded as the Kingdom of Secundomia, in the northern half of the county. The southern half belonged to the United States. Soon, the Kingdom merged with the Republic of Skillz, and became the state of Secundomia, also absorbing the now capitol building and expanded out to what is now Long County. This became Middle Secundomia, and was split into several counties: Northern End, Midtown, and South End. These became, on October 22, 2010, Glen County. Glen county now houses the Secundomian Capitol building (The Green House), official embassy, and the Middle Secundomian Fort (the original capital of the Kingdom of Secundomia).

Long County

Inducted during Operation Annex. Consits of a paved road. Flooded in the Great Flood of 2010. Borders the Slinky Empyre.

Pine County

Small county, inducted during Operation Annex. Contains many large pine trees. It was the former site of the Pine County Fort. 

Snow Hill County

Snow Hill county was officially inducted during Operation Annex. It consists of a small open hill area, and the former Backwoods county, which conatins the Backwoods Fort. It is named for the snow found on the hill when it was inducted.

South Secundomia County

South Secundomia County is not officially inducted, it's status is unknown.

West County

Absorbed with Lower Secundomia. Not actually located to the west of Glen County and the Capitol. Home of Protest Group leaders Ibrahim and Rahim.

Lower County

Formerly the Capital of Lower Secundomia. Home of Nate I.

North Secundomia County

Formerly a territory, absorbed with Lower Secundomia. It is the northernmost place in Secundomia

Middle Secundomia (City)

Middle Secundomia is the capital of both Secundomia and Middle Secundomia. It occupies three Middle Secundomian counties. The Northern End, Midtown and the South End.




Middle Secundomia was founded as the Kingdom of Secundomia in December 2009. When the Kindom merged with the Republic of Skillz, it became a state, known simply as Secundomia. When Secundomia was adopted as the name of the newly founded Republic, Middle Secundomia became the name of the state.


In March 2010, Middle Secundomia expanded to include Long county, Pine county, Snow Hill County, and Backwoods county.

List of Leaders

Name (Title) Political Party Date Notes
Parker I (King) None (Considered Conservative) December 15–16, 2009 King of Secundomia, which at the time only included Middle Secundomia.
Parker I (Governor) Secundomian Conservative Party December 16, 2009 – Present

Became governor after merger.


Middle Secundomians are primarily caucasian with a Turkish Minority. Religions range from Non-Religious, to Islam and Christianity