Gravois (state)

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Gravois Flag.jpg
Languages spoken none (not permanently populated)
Date founded July 23rd, 2010
Population Not permanently populated
Demonym gravois
Governor Spencer I

Gravois is a state in Secundomia. It is governed by Spencer I. It was the last state founded before the Mass Expansion. It is an independent enclave of the United States of America.


Gravois was adopted as a state on July 23. It joined with the Gravois Naval base.


Gravois contains several counties, Green County, Capitol County, Beach County, Forest Northeast County, Forest West County, and Stone County. Gravois touches the Gravois Arm of the Lake of the Ozarks. It is located in Secundomian Bay and Little Bay.

Green County

The Gravois National Naval Base (GNNB) located in Green County, Gravois.

Green County is known for large amounts of recreational sports and is a huge tourist destination for Secundomians. Sports in Green County include Frisbee Golf, Swimming, Diving, Football, Baseball, Skiing and more. Green County has been used for setting off fireworks, and the Fire Pit is a popular tourist destination. Military often frequents Green County as a testing ground and military base. Green County contains the Gravois National Naval Base (GNNB), where a number of boats are docked, including the SRS Flying Squirrel and the SRS Spirit of Secundomia. The navy conducts operations off the GNNB throughout the summer. Green County borders the Secundomian Bay, Beach County and Capitol county.

Capitol County

One of the smaller counties, Capitol County contains Gene, the largest city by population in Gravois. The Capitol building, located inside Gene, contains a dining hall, a music and recreation room, and government administration rooms. The Gene Hotel is located on the south side of the Capitol, and is in the lower building. The Hotel has a main common room, a bathroom, and several rooms. The dining hall of the Capitol building is used. Outside Gene, Circle Drive provides transportation out to the United States.

Beach County

Beach county is the smallest county, containing two cities: Beach and Elaine. Elaine contains the Guest House, a smaller hotel. The Guest House contains a small dining hall, 2 rooms and a small bathroom. Beach contains a storage house, and a popular tourist destination Parkerson Beach. Parkerson beach was formerly frequented before erosion washed away the pebbles that formerly covered it, exposing rock. Parkerson beach is considered more dangerous and has recently been used by the Navy more often than tourists.

Forest Northeast County

The largest county, located to the North of Capitol County, and extending east away from most of Gravois, contains mostly undeveloped land covered by dense forest. The logging industry in Forest Northeast County thrives with an excess of trees. The trees collected in logging operations are typically used for Green County's fire pit. USA officials have attempted to purchase parts of Forest Northeast County for development, but Gravois officials refused, excepting one occasion where an old tennis court was sold to the United States of America.

Stone County

Stone County is located apart from the rest of Gravois, touching only Forest West County. Stone County is less frequented by Secundomian tourists, however it is a more popular tourist destination for American Citizens. The Stone Hotel located in Little Bay, Stone County, is much larger than the Gene Hotel in Capitol. It contains a large dining hall, and 5 rooms. Little Bay has been far more developed than other cities, with roads stretching across the city to decks and other buildings. Gravois National Naval Base-West (GNNB-W) is located off of Stone County, featuring the Secundomian Navy's largest boat, SRS Dinkin Around. The Around is a cruiser, by far the largest ship in the navy by size. (The Parky II, a speedboat, docked at GNNB-Main is larger by length.) Several personal watercraft (PWCs) are parked at GNNB-W. However,despite the larger size of GNNB-W, the navy stationed at there is much smaller than that of GNNB-Main.

Forest West County

The uncharted Forest West County's size is unknown, but is likely about the size of Beach County. Forest West county does not touch any county besides Stone County, and is isolated from the rest of gravois by a small strip of land occupied by the American-owned Crum Drive that sits between Forest West County and Forest Northeast County. Attempts to close the Crum Gap have been futile, and most travel between the two sides of gravois is executed by Water.


The state of Gravois was founded on July 10, 2010 by Parker I. It contained two summer homes located on the Lake of the Ozarks, Gravois Arm. It was, at the time, the largest state in Secundomia. Gravois was the hosting site of the first Thanksgiving Football Festival in 2010, In which Team Gravois City[1] beat Team Middle Secundomia in a Tiebreaker round. Gravois lay dormant throughout most of the winter and early spring. However, tourist activity rebounded during the summer of 2011.

  1. Team Gravois City's name has since been changed to Team Gravois East