Worker's Party of Secundomia

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This page is about the Worker's Party of Secundomia founded in 2015 alongside the Democratic Republic of Secundomia. It is not to be confused with its successor, the Maoist-Worker's Party of Secundomia.

Worker's Party of Secundomia
PresidentJaedon I
ChairpersonParker I
SpokespersonAntonia I
Founded27 August, 2015
DissolvedApril 30, 2016
HeadquartersEastern Secundomia
Membership (2015)3
Political positionFar-left
Revolutionary Coalition Government
3 / 4

The Worker's Party of Secundomia or WPS was a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist political party in the Democratic Republic of Secundomia. It was founded by Jaedon I and chaired via a vanguard committee including Parker I and Antonia I. It was a major force in the restructuring of the longtime capitalist country of Secundomia into a socialist state.



In August 2015, Jaedon I founded the Worker's Party of Secundomia as a part of the broader Worker's Movement after being granted citizenship in the Kingdom of Secundomia. The party rose out of the Kingdom's new claim to Eastern Secundomia. Other new citizens Antonia and Brennan joined the party and they presented demands to the King of Secundomia Parker I. Although Parker I lead the right-wing SNMP at the time, he welcomed any activity in the nation and immediately abdicated to join the ranks of the Worker's Movement.

Revolutionary Coalition

Jaedon became President of the Worker's Party of Secundomia after the successful bloodless revolution. Parker and Antonia were also appointed positions, with Parker becoming chairperson of the new Democratic Republic. Because Jaedon and Parker were especially steadfast in their advocacy for Maoist principles like violent revolution, Brennan broke off from the movement to form the moderate Anti-Sloth Party. The two parties continued to work together as they formed the Revolutionary Coalition government. The WPS held 3 seats in the Revolutionary Coalition.

Despite early activity, the Revolutionary Coalition was largely dormant. With decline of the party imminent, Parker I split off from the WPS to form the Maoist-Worker's Party of Secundomia which dissolved both the Coalition and the WPS itself. This seismic shift originating within the WPS established the Federation of Secundomian Socialist Republics.


The Worker's Party of Secundomia viewed itself as a vanguard party within a Socialist nation. The party officially espoused tenets of Maoism, specifically w:Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, influenced heavily by the writings of philosopher Joshua Moufawad-Paul. While some leaders were especially persuaded of this ideology, even the leadership of the party was somewhat divided with Antonia advocating a more orthodox approach to Marxism. Additionally, the Marxist-Leninist theory of vanguardism was practiced largely in name only, with the party accepting alliances with liberal-democratic groups like the ASP.

Leadership and Membership

Jaedon, Antonia and Parker were largely co-equal leaders of the party known as the vanguard committee. All three were the sole members of the party. Seeking to govern themselves via a form of democratic centralism, no member had supremacy over the others and decisions would be made collectively by party leadership.

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