Secundomian Nationalist Monarchist Party

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The Secundomian National Monarchist Party or the SNMP is a political party in Secundomia which is currently in power after a Coup d'Etat. The party is lead by Parker I and espouses principles of dynastic monarchism and nationalism during times of cultural crisis. After the dormancy of the Secundomian Conservative Party the SNMP remains the only political party in Secundomia.

Principles and Ideology

The SNMP acknowledges that democracy is an important part of a society, however, when a society is at risk of extinction, it must turn to dynastic monarchism in order to evolve and sustain itself. It thus espouses principles of Nationalism and Monarchism in order to maintain the order of the Secundomian society despite dormancy. The party however, does not claim to be a Transitional Government, and instead claims it must be the long term leader of the Secundomian society absent a massive change from within.


The party is lead by the King, Parker I. The King is both the spiritual head and the organizer of the party. The Party consists of and inhabits all branches of government.


The SNMP was founded during the May 15th Coup during its push to take power. It was formed out of necessity to have a ruling body, rather out of a desire for a competing political party system. After seizing power, Parker I was declared King of Secundomia, and the party occupied all necessary ruling positions.