2010 Micronational Olympics

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2010 Intermicronational
Olympic Games
Nations participating9
Athletes participating12
Opening CeremonyNovember 1, 2010
Closing CeremonyJanuary 10, 2011
Officially opened byParker I
Preceded by YAN 2008
Succeeded byFederal Commonwealth of Sirocco Sirocco 2013

The Secundomia 2010 Intermicronational Olympic Games, commonly known as Secundomia 2010 and the 2010 Micronational Olympics, was an intermicronational multi-sport event which was celebrated between November 1, 2010 and January 10, 2011 in Secundomia. The 2010 Intermicronational Games were the sixth micronational Olympics to be held. These Games were notable for taking finishing the year after they started and for never having been formally closed.


Brackets were generated randomly, and we are sorry if you end up in a less than favorable position. If matches are not decided in the specified date, the winner will be decided by simulation of the remainder of the game (if possible), except in the event of a final or 3rd place game.

















November 1

Opening Ceremonies

The Opening Ceremonies began with a parade of flags. This was followed by the torch carrying and lighting of the olympic flame. Videos of the Flag Parade will be uploaded, while the lighting of the flame will only be privately uploaded.

November 8–18

  • Checkers Round 1

November 14–24

  • Checkers Quarterfinals (Except for Walczyk vs. Brizdendine or Spencer and Fyrst vs. Harber or Yan)
  • Chess Round 1
  • Backgammon Quarterfinals
  • Reversi Quarterfinals

November 18–28

  • Fyrst vs. Harber or Yan (Checkers)
  • Walczyk vs. Spencer or Brizdendine (Checkers)

November 28-December 8

  • Checkers Semifinals
  • Chess Quarterfinals
  • Backgammon Semifinals
  • Reversi Semifinals

December 8–18

  • Checkers Finals
  • Checkers 3rd Place game
  • Chess Semifinals
  • Backgammon Finals
  • Backgammon 3rd Place game
  • Reversi Finals
  • Reversi 3rd Place game

December 19

  • Awards Ceremony for Checkers winners
  • Awards Ceremony for Reversi Winners
  • Awards ceremony for Backgammon Winners

December 20–28

  • Christmas Break

December 28-January 9

  • Chess Finals
  • Chess 3rd Place Game

January 10th

  • Awards ceremony for chess winners
  • Closing Ceremonies, Middle Secundomia City, Secundomia

Participating Nations