2016 Micronational Olympics

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Belia 2016
Belia Bid 2016.png
Host Belia
Type Micro-national Olympics
Date April–June 2016
Official language English

The 2016 Micronational Games, officially the VIII Micronational Games and formerly known as the 2016 Intermicronational Olympic Games, was an event scheduled to have occurred between April and June 2016.


Bidding for the then-2016 Intermicronational Olympic Games opened on 31 October 2015 and closed on 1 December 2015.


  • Belia: Belia confirmed the candidate of bid on 31 October 2015.


  • Fitberland: Fitberland confirmed the candidate of bid on 31 October 2015.

Bid logo gallery


Confirmed participants

The following nations intended to attend the 2016 Micronational Games:

Oceania Europe North America Asia
Eberia.png Eberia Flag of the Democratic Republic of Belia.png Belia
Flag of Numancia.svg.png Numancia
CoriaFlag.png Coria
Flag of Gardeland.png Gardeland
Flag of the Republic of Fitberland.jpeg Fitberland
Flag of the United Socialist States of Perxico.jpg USS Perxico
Flag of Aerica.svg.png Aerica
Empireofarcadiaflag.png Arcadia