People's Republic of Arizo

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República Popular de Arizo
People's Republic of Arizo
Flag of People's Republic of Arizo
Coat of arms of People's Republic of Arizo
Coat of arms
Anthem: Oh Fitberland
CapitalCiudad Autonoma de Cork
Largest citySurland City
Official languagesSpanish
GovernmentSocialist republic
• President
Raul Torres
• Formation
21 May 2015
• Total
4 km2 (1.5 sq mi)
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
Dinar Arizense 1.9Tr
• Per capita
$28,000 (2016)
CurrencyDinar Arizense
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy

The People´s Republic of Arizo (Republica Popular de Arizo) in Spanish, Founded in May 21 of 2015 by Raul T. is a Federal Republic ruled by the founder ,it limits with mexico but in the Tijuana territory in the state of Baja california it limits at north with U.S.A and the south and east with mexico and the west with Pacific Ocean in the Catalunya Territory it limits in south with the Mediterranean sea and the north with spain


In Arizo the native language is Mexican Spanish as official language some people speaks German but German in fitberland is not a official language Mexican Spanish and English are Official Languages in Fitberland

Language % people speaks
Spanish 93,34%
English 7,66%


The States in Arizo Are Cork,Perfalls,Estanlope,Niles and State of Occident The States have Following Population

Cork: 5



Niles: 2

Occident: 3

The War with Saint Lorenze

In 2015 In June The Queen Of Saint Lorenze (A Micronation) Want the Territory of the north of his country and the Queen declare the war to Arizo One Monument of Saint Lorenze Was destroyed for the forces of fitberland finally in july the war stop and Arizo gives the territory to saint lorenze in August the Queen Feels so sad so the queen give us the territory to Fitberland. Actually The Kingdom Of Saint Lorenze is Defunct and Gloria Gonzalez is in Arizo

War with Grupo Revolucionista Independentista Xexu (GRIX)

On 27 September,Belia announced that two months ago a Independent Group called ´´Grupo Revolucionista Independentista Xexu´´ Declared war on them, so Raul Torres President and Leader of the Army of Arizo, Declared war on GRIX, Because he doesn't want to lost a Ally,Belia sends News to Arizo Everyday, So Our Forces advanced on Piazza Rosa and Quadrilatero and surrounded Badlands ,a Region in Belia, But on 1 October 2016, Belia Announced Delay on the War, Some people from army are injured