Republic of Eberia

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Republic of Eberia'
Republic of Eberia (EN)
The Symbol of Eberia.png
National Symbol

With the people we stand.


Largest cityBergen
LanguageEnglish and Swedish

GovernmentRepublic, One Party Democracy
PresidentErik Johansson
Formation9th june, 2015
Area Claimed72 Acres
GDPXXX $ (2017)
GDP per capitaXXX $ (2017)
CurrencyEberian Dollar
Time zone(UTC+10)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy



The Republic of Eberia was founded on June 9, 2015, gaining it's independence from Australia.


IDA.png International Democratic Alliance UM.png United Micronations
Map of all Eberian Territory within Australia

Civil Conflicts

Eberia has been a relatively peaceful Micronation without an major conflicts or rebellions. Only two times in Eberia's history their has been one attempted rebellion. Around two weeks after Eberia's independence the Leader of the Eastern Eberian Territory Planned too rebel and form the independent state of the Republic of Yi. The Rebellion was put down before it could gain any ground and the Leader of the Eastern Eberian Territory was Expelled from Eberia and had his Eberian citizenship striped.

On the 8/9/16 an Anarchist Rebellion Movement was started by Eberian, Sonoroian and Australian Citizens. Trying to create tensions without reason many of their members started to hurl rocks and Eberian Citizens while they stood on the Eberia-Australia border, Luckily the Eberian police force and other citizens managed to quell the movement in a matter of 15–20 minutes and all of the group members surrender and no other such movements have been started since. Overall this small battle between the Anarchists and Eberia ended in no causalities.