Kingdom of Gardeland

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Kingdom of Gardeland'
Konungsríkið Gardeland (IS)
Coat of Arms Gardeland.png
Coat of Arms

For God and My Country.


Largest cityAkranes
LanguageIcelandic and English
ReligionLutheran Christianity



Constitutional Monarchy
KingGary Raymond IV
Formation14th June, 2015
Area Claimed1013,4 km²
GDP46,520,885 $ (2015)
GDP per capita51,068.00 $ (2015)
Time zone(UTC+0)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy



Kingdom of Gardeland was established 13 June 2015. The day after, 14th June they officially gained their independence from Iceland.

Kingdom of Gardeland has had some wars since their independence. On 23 August 2015 Republic of Havenland, their neighbouring country, declared war against Gardeland. The war only lasted for two days. Gardeland won with help of their allie Holy Empire Arcadia. On 13 October 2015 Democratic Republic of Belia declared war on Holy Empire Arcadia. So Gardeland declared war on Belia for attacking his old war ally. 15 October Gardeland and Belia finished the war against each other and made peace. 2 November Gardeland accepted diplomatic relations with Belia.

On January the 10th 2016 a civil war broke out in Gardeland between the monarchists and a republican movement called the Socialist Republic of Gardeland or the Republic for short. The Republic desired the removal of the monarchy in Gardeland and be replaced by a socialist goverment. The Republicans were able to claim area in Hvalfjord so they could keep a military base for themselves. The Republican Army invaded more than half of the entire area of Gardeland but shortly after the Royal Gardeland Army was able to reach the claimed military area of the Republic. On the 4th of February the Republic was forced to surrender after the Royal Army had conquered all of the territory that the Republic once held. A treaty was signed few days later which forced General Aegar Michael, the leader of the Republic, to go to exile in Occitania. The Republic had been wiped of the map and they were no longer in a form as a country or a rebellion group. Many members of the Republican movement formed a political party in Gardeland called the Socialist Republican Party, since it was the only legal way for them to exist as a movemnet in Gardeland. On the 3rd of July 2016 the Republican movement formed a country south of Gardeland called the Republic of South Gardeland since their political party wasn't a great success.

Gardeland has joined many Unions and Alliances such as the United Micronations Pentagonal Alliance, Atlantic Treaty Organisation United Against Discrimination, Alliance of Independent Micronations and the Union of Micronational Monarchies


Map of Gardeland and S. Gardeland.png

Flag Gardeland Provinces
Akranes Flag.png Akranes
Borgarfjordur.png Borgarfjörður
Borgarnes.png Borgarnes
East mountains.png East Mountains/Austurfjöll
Fludir.png Flúðir
Glymur.png Glymur
Grundartangi.png Grundartangi
N Hafnarfjall.png Hafnarfjall North
S Hafnarfjall.png Hafnarfjall South
Hamarengi.png Hamarengi
Hvalfjardarbotn.png Hvalfjarðarbotn
Hvanneyri.png Hvanneyri
Hvita.png Hvítá Lower
Upper Hvita.png Hvítá Upper
Innnes Flag.png Innnes
Kleppjarnsreykir.png Kleppjárnsreykir
Laugaras.png Varmaland
Laugarvatn.png Laugarvatn
Melahverfi.png Melahverfi
Melar.png Melar
Mid Hvalfjordur.png Mið Hvalfjörður
Myrar.png Mýrar
Reykholt N.png Reykholt North
Reykholt S.png Reykholt South
Skardsheydi.png Skarðsheyði
North Skorradalur.png Skorradalur North
South Skorradalur.png Skorradalur South
Solholt.png Sólholt
Svinadalur flag.png Svínadalur
Flag South Gardeland Provinces
ZG Esjuberg.png Esjuberg
ZG Grundahverfi.png Grundahverfi
ZG Hvammur.png Hvammur
ZG Kjalarnes.png Kjalarnes
ZG Mulafjall.png Múlafjall
ZG Slattubrekka.png Sláttubrekka


Flag Member of
UM.png United Micronations
AIM flag.png Alliance of Independent Micronations
UAD.png United Against Discrimination
UMM.jpg Union of Micronational Monarchies
IDA.png International Democratic Alliance