The United Socialist States

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The United Socialist States
Estados Unidos Socialistas (Spanish)
Flag of The United Socialist States
Seal of The United Socialist States
Motto: "Dios Nos Bendiga"
"God Bless us)
Anthem: "Oh Socialist"
and largest city
Other languagesSpanish
• President
Yolanda E. Boero García
LegislatureThe Capitol
CurrencySocialist dollar

The United Socialist States, are a micronation located in Mexico City, they have a representative office in each of the 31 states of the Mexican Republic, the Republic of Woultenland is an enclave with said micronation. It was founded in 1999 by Gamaliel Rodriguez. Its government is Presidential with Democracy, every socialist citizen has the right to vote and be voted for, its president is elected every 4 years.


Gamaliel Rodriguez in 1999 he decided to create the World Union, a project in which different nations were established and the exponential growth of said nations was seen, from there he decided to create The United Socialist States as a serious micronational project.


Emblem of 2015.

After the great growth of The United Socialist States since 1999, and already with a solid and firm government in 2015, it was decided to start said project on the web, for this Gamaliel Rodriguez decided to publish a website and take it to The United Socialist States to cyber glory, that same year and already within the NationStates platform, a simulator of nations, the Socialist Government decides to initiate diplomacy with a nation of said platform with the name of the Republic of Brasilistan, for those years said cybernations signed a agreement on the production and sale of Diamond, since the Socialist Government had mining and Brasilistan with great influence in the Pacific Region on said platform.

After months and with a large production of diamonds, the socialist economy achieves an exponential surplus with this, the Government with the then Central Security Agency ASC, by its acronym in Spanish, decide together with the Department of Defense to produce their own weapons, both tangible As in a matter of cyber security, by mid-2015 the NationStates platform received a Telegram where the news was given about the exploitation suffered by socialist citizens in Brasilistan who, together with other NationStates nations, decided to make the decision to talk with the most influential nation in the Pacific Region, said nation denies and any accusation, already with much instability on the part of both nations, another telegram is received where a conflict is considered started after Brasilistan by means of said telegram declared war on The United Socialist States arguing that the vast production of weapons threatened the region, the conflict escalated with the trigger when the United Socialist States outside of said platform and with a more micronational project made public their first test detonation of a homemade bomb, this It was given for mere experimentation purposes, to this was added the first test of launching a war missile in the Tecozautla Hidalgo region location with jurisdiction of the United Socialist States.


Since 1999, the form of election period in The United Socialist States has been three years, that is, every 3 years, but since 2024 it will be every 4 years, and since its foundation, the Government of The United Socialist States is made up of a President, a vice-president or vice-president, and a Head of State, citizens born and naturalized socialists can vote freely, their votes are quantified by the electoral department and once the scrutiny is over, the President-elect is appointed


Emblema oficial del Departamento de Policia

National security in The United Socialist States is in charge of the Police Department, while the defense of the micronation is in charge of the Department of Defense. Currently, The United Socialist States, outside of micronationalism, have an airsoft team registered with the Mexican Airsoft Federation, said club has a rescue brigade and participated in the restoration and rescue due to the earthquake in Mexico in 2017.

Each state has autonomy and in each one there is a Police Department which is in charge of maintaining order and safety in each state, while the Red Cross and the Fire Department also have a station in each state, all this makes up to The United Socialist States Emergency Service


Pasaporte oficial

La diplomacia está a cargo del Departamento de Estado, y se encarga de la asignación de encargados en embajadas y consulados en el exterior, también es quien autoriza la expedición de pasaportes y visas en caso de que estas sean requeridas.

Geografia y Salud

La geografía es responsabilidad del Departamento de Estado y se administra a través de la División de Demarcación Territorial. La salud es administrada por el Departamento de Servicios Públicos a través del Sector Salud.


Moneda de Un Dólar Socialista.

Está regulado por el Departamento del Tesoro, Los Estados Unidos Socialistas reconocen y usan el peso mexicano de facto, además de tener su moneda que es el Dólar Socialista que es similar a la criptomoneda y es controlado por el miemo Gobierno.

Deporte y Cultura

Emblema oficial de la Selección Nacional

El deporte que aún no está federado está regulado por el Comité Olímpico de los Estados Unidos Socialistas, así como el fútbol lo está por la AFEUS que regula no solo a las Selecciones Nacionales sino también a la Primera División de Pérsico.

Medio de Comunicación

La transmisión en Pérsico está a cargo del Consejo Nacional de Radio y Televisión a través del Sistema Nacional de Transmisiones, su principal objetivo es administrar contenidos multimedia.

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