Micronational Olympic games

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Ginko Federation 1986

The 1986 Ginko Federation Micronational Olympics were held in the year 1986 in the micronation located in Japan named the Ginko Federation, and even received television coverage.[1]

Molossia 2000

In 2000, Kevin Baugh, the president of a micronation located in Nevada, USA, decided to bring back the defunct Micronational Olympics. The games were attended by, Molossia, Terra Firma, Eslo, Triselene Imperium, Torhavn and Corvinia. The games included 6 events, 100 Meter Dash, Shotput, Discus, Reversi, Checkers and Chess. Torhavn ended up winning the games with 3 gold medals, 1 silver and 0 bronze. At the end, Torhavn was given the honors to host the 2002 games.

Torhavn 2002

This time around, instead of 6 competing nations, there were 20. They included the same 6 events but did not give medals for Reversi, Checkers or chess. A first time competitor, the Grand Duchy of Farallonus won gold in all 3 events that medals were given out for. Torhavn came in 2nd with 3 silver medals, and Molossia got 2 bronze medals.

Mahina Shireroth 2004

This time in 2004, were hosted by both Mahina and Shireroth, this game added the 3k meter run to the list of events, and included 11 participating nations. This time around, Natopia won 2 gold medals, 2 silver and 2 bronze. Gabilonia took gold in the 3K Meter run, and Mahina got silver. In the 100 meter run, Navland got gold and silver, with mahina taking bronze.

Moonshine Republic 2006

This year, in 2006 the Moonshine Republic hosted the games. British West Florida won all 3 medals in discus, Molossia scored gold in shotput. This time around, medals were awarded for Checkers, Reversi and Chess with B.W Florida dominating the stand. Unfortunately, this was the last Micronation Olympics officially held.

Westarctica 2022

The Micronational Olympic Federation hosted the inaugural Micronational Nemean Games at MicroCon 2022, essentially functioning as a revival of the Micronational Olympics.

Smlosa 2024

In 2024 the Kingdom of Smlosa hosted the games. the online events are Checkers, Reversi, Wordle, Minecraft, Discus, and the 100 meter run. The Games Start on July 26, 2024, the same date as the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, France.

Failed Micronational Games

There is a list of many failed Micronational games, there were multiple years where a host nation was determined to host the games but never hosted them. The list is: Yan 2008, Secundomia 2010, Sirocco, 2013, Belia 2016, Iustus 2020 (cancelled due to the panedemic) and Rudorvia 2021. With the re-introduction of the Microlympic Committee in 2018, there were plans to host a summer games in Kapreburg in 2019, but were cancelled because the Microlympic Committee was disbanded.

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