Parker-Spencer Alliance

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Parker-Spencer Alliance
LeadersParker I, Spencer I
Founded22 January 2010
Preceded byIndependents
Succeeded bySecundomian Conservative Party
HeadquartersMiddle Secundomia
IdeologyConservatism, Democratic Centralism, Militarism

The Parker-Spencer Alliance or PSA was a proto-political party in the early period of the Republic of Secundomia. The Alliance was announced by Parker I during the campaign cycle of the January 2010 Secundomian Elections. The goal of the party was to establish power within the family of Parker and Spencer I, who were brother and founders of Secundomia. The party was opposed to the co-presidentship of Luke of Secundomia.



Secundomia had a co-presidential system in early 2010. The top two vote getters in the monthly election would take office. Parker I was displeased with the co-presidential system as he and Luke would often veto each other's changes to the constitution.

Behind closed doors, Parker discussed with his brother Spencer I a plan to shift to a single presidential system. Spencer agreed and decided that they would run for office together and, once they had obtained power, shift to a single presidential system.

Announcement and Campaign Issues

Parker and Spencer announced an electoral alliance on January 22, 2010. Publicly, the two brothers campaigned on strengthening the borders of the country and appointing a Secretary of Defense. They attempted to capitalize on their status as co-founders.


Luke was incensed at the decision to announce the electoral alliance as he had assumed he and Parker would run for re-election. He immediately went on the offensive and criticized Parker as grabbing authority and Spencer as being inactive. Ultimately, the alliance was successful with Parker and Spencer taking office in February.

Transition into Conservative Party

6 days after taking office, Parker I announced the creation of a political party system in Secundomia. The party leadership of the PSA was transitioned into the Secundomian Conservative Party, however it also absorbed its main opposition, with Luke joining the SCP as well.


The PSA was largely conservative, although it did not campaign on these issues. The main reason for the founding and existence of the PSA was an attempt at a stronger presidential office. Campaign issues also included activity and national defense.