Secundomian Moderate Party

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Secundomian Moderate Party
The Moderates
ChairmanBrett I
FoundedMay 2011
Preceded bySecundomian Conservative Party
HeadquartersBu Ocajin
IdeologyCentrism, Capitalism

The Secundomian Moderate Party was a Centrist political party in the Republic of Secundomia. The party was founded by Brett I, splitting from the Secundomian Conservative Party. A relatively inactive party within Secundomia, the party held most of its influence in the state of Bu Ocajin.


Brett I was a member of the Secundomian Conservative Party since he had joined the nation. He was relatively quiet on the political scene, keeping to private affairs and his governance of Bu Ocajin. In 2011, Brett responded to a political compass survey with a result that was far to the left of most of Conservative leadership. At the prompting and recommendation of President Parker I in May 2011, Brett registered the Secundomian Moderate Party. At no point did any member of the party run for office outside of Bu Ocajin, the party ceased to be active after the annexation of Secundomia to Eran.

Political Beliefs

The Secundomian Moderate Party expressed beliefs in Centrism, Capitalism and Liberalism. The party was relatively aligned ideologically with the Secundomian Liberal Party, but despised the "Liberal" label. The Liberal Party's ties to the American Democratic Party made Brett cautious to join them. Brett self described as "pretty much moderate," coining the name of the party.