Erised, Empress of Atlan

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Erised, Empress of Atlan
Standard of the Empress of Atlan
Director of Secundomian Event Planning
In office
25 April 2010-Sep 30, 2010
President Parker I/Luke
Predecessor Ibrahim I
Successor Spencer I
Empress of Atlan
assumed office
before Dec 15, 2009
Predecessor Office Established
Governor of Southern Cipania
In office
16 May 2010 - 30 Sep 2010
Predecessor Office Established
Successor self as Protector
Citizenship Empire of Atlan, Republic of Secundomia, United States of America
Nationality Secundomian, Atlanian
Ethnicity White
Political party Independent
Home town Nottingham, Atlan

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Cabinet Crisis

Erised, Empress of Atlan, known occasionally only as Erised, Lil, NJ or solely The Empress of Atlan, is the monarch and sole citizen of Atlan. She was also a prominent and powerful citizen in the Republic of Secundomia. She was the first Secundomian woman to hold a position in the cabinet as Secretary of the Treasury during the Spencer I administration and Director of National Parks and Environmental Development under Parker I. She was also the first female congressperson in Secundomia as a citizen's councilor.

Personal life

Erised was quite private about her personal life. In early discussions about Secundomia she made clear to separate her personal life from micronational politics. During election cycles the Secundomian email chains could often get vitriolic and overly personal, a fact which resulted in her departure in late 2009.

Micronational History

Founding of Secundomia

Erised was the fifth citizen to join the burgeoning Republic of Secundomia on December 16, 2009. She played a part in the still unnamed Republic's foundation, nominating "Coverla" for the country's name amongst others. Newly uncovered documents show that she also suggested several other names which did not make the final ballot: "Marith, Demira, Kiruna, Anghara, and Ispan."[1] Coverla only received one vote and was quickly removed from the running.

2009 Elections and Secession of Atlan

Erised withdrew her citizenship during conflicts leading up to the December 2009 Secundomian Elections. Atlan announced it's separation on December 23, 2009 with the Empress criticizing the democratic process of the Republic, favoring the monarchist government of her own nation. She said as a part of her announcement "Atlan needs me, and I have been neglecting my duties. fortunately, we do not have these silly elections."[2] A delay in her removal from notifications about the Secundomian election lead to tensions between the newly separate countries. Erised threatened war on December 28: "Atlan needs me, and if I and not out of this group by tonight, I will declare war on you!" This conflict was shortly resolved through intergovernmental negotiations before the turn of the year, a summit between the leaders of the country ensued on December 29.

Return to Secundomia and Atlanian Politics

Erised applied for citizenship in Secundomia on February 25, 2010, after a second summit between leaders. Her return was swiftly approved. Tensions returned on February 26, causing concern of a potential intermicronational conflict or civil war. Tensions arose as a result of a census taken by Parker I of different governors and states within Secundomia, sparking a territorial dispute when Atlan was named a state. This dispute was resolved by re-clarification of Erised as a dual citizen of both Secundomia and Atlan. The territorial overlap of the two countries was never clarified (some records imply that Atlan contained no physical territory). Atlan was last mentioned in Secundomian records in August 2010, when brought up during a meeting of the Citizens Council by Erised.

Secretariat in Spencer I Administration

In March 2010 Erised was appointed Secretary of the Treasury by President Spencer I. This marked her first official office within the executive branch of Secundomia and set a new standard in the country as the first female in office. Spencer initially appointed her Secretary of Development, but was replaced by Nate I and moved to the Treasury department. On March 12 she was replaced momentarily as Secretary of the Treasury by Rahim I, but returned to office later that day after negations between cabinet members. On March 22 she was removed from office due to inactivity and replaced by Rahim once again.

Cabinet Crisis

Erised played a key role in the Cabinet Crisis in April of Secundomia. She came to prominence in the crisis during the later stages of the Trial of Ibrahim I. She criticized the position of Luke of Secundomia that both sides of the crisis were in the wrong and was the most prominent citizen to offer support to President Parker I during the period. Her public support was met with accusations of conspiracy and personal attacks from Protest group leaders Ibrahim I and Rahim I. She aided in building an alliance of loyalists to Parker, as Spencer I, who was initially neutral, began joining the side of the government. Eventually she joined a group of concerned citizens on April 25 to exile Rahim. She was the most extreme in the pro-government side of the crisis demanding the exile of not only Rahim but also Ibrahim, while even President Parker I desired more leniency for the latter.

Councillor and Governor

July 2010 saw Erised elected to the Secundomian Citizen's Council where she made history as the first woman to take part in Secundomian legislature. She expressed disapproval of the House of Governors Resolution 10, an unpopular resolution pushed by then Vice-President Parker I to automatically register structures built on Secundomian land as Secundomian territory. In August, she was appointed as governor of Southern Cipania. The government of the state lapsed soon afterwards and was made a territory. By April 2011 she was elected to the House of Representatives.

Return to Executive Office

Under the new Parker I administration she was appointed Director of National Parks and Environmental Development on Oct 3, 2010. As Parks Director she played an important role in the development of a park in District 12. Due to the difficulty accessing the state, the park was largely constructed by Phineas I. During this time she also worked as Protector of Southern Cipania.

End of Micronational Career

In August 2011 a new map of Secundomia was released defining the state of Nottingham in the region where Erised lived. It is unclear if this area was also claimed by Atlan, however, Erised accepted the claim of Nottingham by Secundomia. This was the last correspondence Erised had with Secundomia, either as a citizen or foreign official. She remained counted as a citizen until Secundomia's secession from Eran in December 2012. With the birth of the Second Kingdom of Secundomia she was no longer party to the Secundomian Census and was not included in any later iterations of Secundomia. The existence of Atlan since 2010 is unclear.

Political Leanings

Erised expressed largely liberal values in terms of social issues. She never joined a political party in Secundomia although she often supported candidates and efforts done by Secundomian Liberal Party. At other times, she suggested support for a Monarchist style of government that she lead in Atlan over the Republican/democratic government in Secundomia.

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