Congress of Secundomia

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Republic of Secundomia

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The Congress of Secundomia is tricameral, and operates for all the laws of Secundomia. with three houses: The Cabinet, The Citizen's Council and the House of Governors. The makeup of each house are identical, so there is effectively only one house.


Citizen's Council

The lowest house is the Citizen's Council. It is made up of 3 members, voted in by the citizens of Secundomia.

   Conservatives(2)    Libertarians (1)

House of Governors

The middle house is the House of Governors. It is made up of the governors of the Secundomian states.

   Conservatives(2)    Libertarians (1)


The upper house is the cabinet. It is made up of any number of people appointed by the President.

   Conservatives(2)    Libertarians (1)

President Veto Power

The President has delaying veto of all the laws presented.