Secundomian presidential election, September 2010

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September 2010 Secundomian Elections
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Parker I
Spencer I
Luke of Secundomia

The September 2010 Secundomian Elections took place during the presidential term of Luke of Secundomia.


Luke of Secundomia announced his intentions to run for re-election early in the election process. In the primaries of the Conservative Party nomination process, Luke and Parker I tied, leaving other candidates Ibrahim I and Spencer I out of the mix. Rather than vote again, Spencer I left the conservative party to form Spencer's Super Awesome Party of Super Awesomeness. Ibrahim I conceded defeat, and thew his support behind Luke. This support lead to Luke's victory.

In the actual elections, Luke was expected to achieve victory, but the SSAPSA nominated Spencer I, and Parker I nominated himself as an independent. Parker I heavily campaigned the election, and won over the support of two Liberal-Independents, rocketing him to a victory over Luke, whose primary support lay in the small active area of the Conservative Party, and Spencer I whose primary support was himself. 

Official Result

  Parker I (3)

  Luke of Secundomia (2)

  Spencer I (1)