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The President of Secundomia was the highest position in the Secundomian government during the era of the Republic. The president oversaw the government, and could steer a nation in various different directions. All presidents were Conservative Party members, however, the Liberal party, and the SSAPSA (Libertarian Party) all nominated unsuccessful candidates for elections. The president's office was occupied by only three individuals, Parker I, Spencer I, and Luke of Secundomia, despite many other candidates entering election. All three have held the office multiple in-congruent and congruent periods.


Depending on the era, the power of the president varied. In the early era, presidents often shared powers and decisions required consent of both persons. They had significant power over the presidential republic, especially on issues of military importance or foreign relations. Officially titled "Consul" before the first elections, power was shared between Parker and Spencer I. The initial constitution allowed for elections. During the first election, a power sharing agreement was reached between Parker and Luke that was approved by the sitting consuls.

The co-president system required approval of both presidents before any action could be taken. Both presidents delegated unofficial roles between each other. In the Parker/Luke co-presidency, the system often stagnated resulting in little action. However, Luke was happy to let Parker take the reigns in international relations. This system continued into the Parker/Spencer administration. The two brothers clearly divided roles, and Spencer was involved largely in domestic affairs and the military, while Parker was responsible for Secundomia's appearance on the world stage.

In January 2010, the two brothers agreed to elect only a single president in future elections. In the next election cycle, a primary and secondary election system was established with political parties taking hold. Spencer was elected the first sole leader of the nation. Spencer agreed to reorganize the system to a semi-presidential republic, bringing in aspects of a parliament to moderate the power of a sole leader. The existence of a Citizen's Council was established to pass laws, with the President retaining executive authority. This system took effect after the March elections.

The citizens council was abolished after insufficient candidates sought office in the May elections. Secundomia thus transitioned into a largely presidential republic, with Parker retaining control. This level of control was controversial especially in wake of the Cabinet Crisis. As interest in Secundomia amongst the populous began to wane, holding elections became more difficult. After a period of interim presidency under Spencer I and the eventual re-election of Parker I, Luke took office in the July elections. At this point, Secundomia was mostly active internationally. Luke allowed Parker to continue to serve as a representative of Secundomia in the micronational sphere and decided to turn his focus inwards.

Citizen activity in Secundomia rapidly declined under Luke's leadership, however. With Secundomia mostly an intermicronational actor, Parker I was able to defeat both Luke and Spencer in the last competitive elections. Future elections were cancelled and Parker took power as a de facto dictator, retaining the title of president, in October 2010. Parker held essentially unlimited power during this period, however it was over a dormant populace.

Parker held title of president until the nation's absorption into the Eran Federation in 2012. Parker was elected the first prime minister of Eran, which held different powers than president. After Secundomia's secession from Eran, Parker maintained the de jure title of President, but did not exercise any powers of the office until he Reformed the Kingdom of Secundomia. At this point, the office of President was officially abolished and did not ever return.


President Office 1 President Office 2 Date of Presidency
Parker I Spencer I December 16, 2009 – January 1, 2009
Luke of Secundomia January 1, 2010 – February 1, 2010
Spencer I February 1, 2010 – March 1, 2010
Vacant March 1, 2010 – April 1, 2010
Parker I April 1, 2010 – June 1, 2010
Spencer I (Interim) June 1, 2010-June ?, 2010
Parker I June ?, 2010 to August 1, 2010
Luke of Secundomia August 1, 2010 - October 1, 2010
Parker I October 1, 2010 - December 2012