President of Secundomia

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The President of Secundomia was the highest position in the Secundomian government during the era of the Republic. The president overlooked the government, and couldsteer a nation in various different directions. All presidents were Conservative Party members, however, the Liberal party, and the SSAPSA (Libertarian Party) have entered candidates. The president's office was occupied by only three individuals, Parker I, Spencer I, and Luke of Secundomia, despite many other candidates entering election. All three have held the office multiple in-congruent and congruent periods.


President Office 1 President Office 2 Date of Presidency
Parker I Spencer I December 16 2009-January 1 2009
Luke of Secundomia January 1 2010-February 1 2010
Spencer I February 1 2010-March 1 2010
Vacant March 1 2010-April 1 2010
Parker I April 1 2010-June 1, 2010
Spencer I (Interim) June 1 2010-June ?, 2010
Parker I June ?, 2010 to August 1, 2010
Luke of Secundomia August 1, 2010 - October 1, 2010
Parker I October 1, 2010 - December 2012