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Galla Sector Under the clan Forge
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentClan government
• Speaker
Everett Prime
• Vice-Speaker
Maxis Prime
Establishmentc. 2009
Time zoneUTC+6

Galla Sector Under the clan Forge [sic.] (commonly Galla) was a Secundomian Sector fantasy micronation created c. 2009. The micronation had a mysterious structure with fantasy elements and was part of a fiction-writing process. Nonetheless, it had a material impact on the development of the Republic of Secundomia when Galla declared war on the unnammed "Micronation Republic" forming within the Secundomian Sector.


Galla was officially known by the name "Galla Sector Under the clan Forge." The name is intentionally spelled with the word "clan" left uncapitalized, contrary to convention. It was typically referred to by its short form name, Galla.


The history of Galla is somewhat murky. Cousins Everett and Maxis Prime came up with the nation in 2009 while doing a fiction writing project together. The nation was known to have some fantasy elements in the style of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. These fictional elements made the nation known as relatively unserious. The nation existed in isolation until the foundation of Secundomia in 2009. Everett officially declared war on "something" on 16 December 2009.[1] The something he referred to was the yet-unnammed burgeoning Republic of Secundomia.

After the declaration of war, Secundomia was worried about an immediate crisis with Luke of Secundomia replying to the threat with worry that the nation would collapse.[1] However, Everett clarified that the declaration was largely meant in jest and Galla was a mostly fictional project.[1] Secundomia never recognized the declaration and declined to further conduct relations with the fantasy nation. Galla returned to dormancy as Everett continued work on his fiction project.


Little is known about the inner workings of the Galla government. Everett was co-founder and Speaker of Galla and had the authority to declare war as well as control of the nation. Maxis was Vice-Speaker, but is believed to have had little power over the nation. Everett conducted all foreign relations for the micronation when contacting leaders of Secundomia.


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