Post-Eran Secundomia

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Unincorporated Micronational State of the former Republic of Secundomia

December 2012 — August 2014 

Secundomia Official Flag.jpgSecundomian shield.png

Secundus Domus
Eastern Kansas, United States of America.
Capital cityde jure none de facto Middle Secundomia City
Largest cityMiddle Secundomia City
Official language(s)Slin-English (Classical), English, Secundomian
Official religion(s)Secular
Short namePost-Eran Secundomia
Governmentde facto none
- Presidentde jure Parker I
EstablishedFrom Eran December 3, 2012
Area claimedHalf of Johnson County, KS
Population0 No census since leaving Eran
CurrencyUSD ($)
Time zoneUTC -6


Post-Eran Secundomia refers to the current iteration of the Secundomian Micronation. Post-Eran Secundomia is an unofficial state of being that consists of the remnants of the Secundomian nation subsequent to its departure from the collapsing Eran Federation. Secundomia unofficially left Eran on December 3, 2012. Since then it has operated under a defunct absolutist government by Parker I.


Main article History of Secundomia

Secundomia was created as a Kingdom on December 15, 2009 by Parker I. On December 16, 2009 it merged with the collapsing Republic of Skillz to form a micronation soon named the Republic of Secundomia. It quickly grew and went through a period of major activity through fall 2010. Subsequently, it fell out of internal activity, although there were some returns around 2011. The external activity of Secundomia continued at a high rate until later 2011, when it began to lose a lot of steam. Secundomia joined the Eran Federation as a state in the may of 2012 to boost activity, although activity in Secundomia again plummeted later that year. Secundomia unofficially left Eran in December 2012.


The Secundomian government is de jure completely disorganized. There has been no official recognition of a Secundomian state since the withdrawal from Eran, and there is no documentation to affirm the state as continuing to exist. From time to time the state is somewhat active in international correspondence, although unofficial, and Parker I claims to still "operate" the state with a small level of interest.