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City of Empreton
Top to bottom: Pinebrook South Wetlands, Nowell Creek[1] (left), Empreton Parks (right)
Flag of Empreton
Coat of arms of Empreton
Fortis Et Grandis
(Latin: Strong and Grand)
Country Grand Republic of Cycoldia
Grand Duchy Greater Houston
Duchy Imperium
Settled[a]6 November 2018
Incorporated1 February 2020 (City)
Named forSummi Imperatoria
  • Capital
  • Pine
 • Total20.48681 km2 (7.91000 sq mi)
 • Water0 km2 (0 sq mi)

Empreton is the capital city of Cycoldia. Empreton was settled in November 2018 and incorporated in February 2020. The city is home to Assembly Hall, and the Palace of the Summi Imperatoria and headquarters to Empreton Holdings. The city is know as the financial and government hub of Cycoldia. It is the most populated city in Cycoldia. It is larger than both the Capital District and Pine District. It is approximately 20.5 square kilometres in size.[2]


The word "Empreton" comes from the use of the word ending of "-ton" in names to mean "the town of". This combined with a shortening of the word empress means the town's name derives from "Town of the Empress" or "The Empress' Town".


Empreton, being the Cycoldian capital, is also the headquarters of multiple other organisations and institutions. One of these is the Cycoldian Imperium, of which Empreton is the capital and main headquarters. It as well stands as the namesake and headquarters of Empreton Holdings and Grandeur Print.

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  1. This refers to the first time the geographical area was used by an authority under the government of Cycoldia