Most Serene Republic of Sequeria

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Flag of Sequeria
Coat of Arms of Richenensland
Coat of Arms
Motto: Latin: Per calamus et gladio
("With pen and sword")
Anthem: Café 1930, from Histoire du Tango
Location of Sequeria in Southeast Asia
Location of Sequeria in Southeast Asia
and largest city
(CoordinatesLogo of the Coord template.png 10.57, N)
Official languagesEnglish (lingua franca)
Other languages
Ethnic groups
ReligionSecular State (de jure)
De facto:
DemonymSequerian (formal)
MembershipCycoldian Imperium
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• Queen
Christina I
• Colonial Governor
Amelia Banks
Arthur Lacey-Scott
Aidan McGrath
• Established
13 August 2020
• Kingdom
13 August 2020
3 November 2020
• Proclamation 2021/1
2 May 2021
23 August 2021
• Constitution Act, 2021
22 September 2021
• 2021
134.5 km2 (51.9 sq mi)
• 2020
1,612,194.5 km² (620,851.9 sq mi)
Membership22 (as of 2021)
Time zoneUTC +8 (Standard Singapore Time)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Drives on theleft
Calling code+65
Internet (de facto)
b.^ Since the enactment of the Constitution Act, 2021 on 22 September 2021

The Most Serene Republic of Sequeria is a micronation located in Southeast Asia. It is a partial member state of the Cycoldian Imperium.


The name Richensland comes from the word Rich and land, signifying that it is a land full of rich culture and diversity. The country was called Koldovia until 2020. However, the King changed the name of the country to one that reflects the nation. Despite this being said, the country is not that diverse and is not really that rich. The name is more of a misnomer.

The name Koldova, which is the original name of the country, does not mean anything. It was selected randomly by its founders. Since it is not the official name, it now serves as the country's second name.

When translated into other languages in full, only part of the official name "Republic of Richensland" is translated. This is to ensure simplicity and accuracy of the transition as longer translations tend to be less accurate.


Richensland has existed in several eras. The eras changes due to regime changes and new constitutions or consequential constitutional amendments.

Early history

Richensland's founder has been interested in politics and nation building. He founded several Micronations which were experiments of different government. After a few years of trying, he founded the first Richenslandic state.

Monarchical era

Flag of the Kingdom of Richensland
Flag of the Kingdom of Richensland

The first Richenslandic state was the Kingdom of Richensland, which was a de facto absolute monarchy. It was established on the 13th of August 2020. It was disestablished on the 3rd of November 2020 just after 4 months of existence, due to a coup d'état led by the 3rd Prime Minister of Richensland, M. Ryan.

This period of Richensland's history is often associated with it being isolated from the outer world and is most commonly named the Monarchical era.

Declaration of Establishment

Immediately after a coup by M. Ryan, M. Ryan together with Aniq Sufyan and Nayli Aleesya signed the Declaration of Establishment, which guranteed the nation a republican government and the creation of the Plurinational State of Richensland as a provisional government.

Plurinational era

Flag of Richensland
Flag of Richensland

The second Richenslandic state was the Plurinational State of Richensland, which was a unitary parliamentry republic. It was established on the 3rd of November 2020, after the ousting of the monarchy. It was disestablished on the 2nd of May 2021 just after 7 months of existence, due to the proclamation of the Most Serene Republic. It was the first time Richensland was a republic.

The Plurinational State of Richensland was a provisional government to convert Richensland into a full fleged republic and thus explains why it lasted for a short period. Its only function was to establish the current institutions of Richensland. However, it kept most of the Kingdom of Richensland's institutions but abolished the monarchy and replaced it with a ceremonial President of Richensland.

Current era

The current era is the third Richenslandic state is the Most Serene Republic of Richensland, which is a unitary directorial republic. It was established on the 2nd of May 2021, immediately after the proclamation of the Most Serene Republic.

Revolutionary attitude

Both French and Russian revolutions, have inspired revolutionary and rebellious attitude in Richensland

Both the French and the Russian revolutions have inspired a movement dubbed the Richenslandic Revolution, an informal term to describe the revolutionary attitudes of Richensland's founders to create a micronation to spread and establish Freedom, Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, and Eternal Peace, the founding values of Richensland.

Unfortunately, such attitude has caused extremist views and hardline policies. This allowed and paved the way for a dictatorship with a totalitarian style of ruling a nation. Because of this, Richensland has been banned from joining the Grand Unified Micronational despite Richensland not having any wishes to.

The revolution has inspired an ongoing second revolution in Richensland, that being the Cultural Revolution. Its aim is to purify the nation from old traditions and unreasonable manners of culture belonging to other races. The government has then encouraged its own culture as part on its extrime nationalist views which it better than the others.

It also developed a cult of personality around Aniq Sufyan. It has also allowed human rights abuses as citizens who are suspected of betraying the revolution live in constant fear and paranoia of being arrested by the military and charged without a trail and proper evidence.

Cycoldian involvement

After being invited to Richensland by former Prime Minister Aniq Sufyan, Cycoldia began the advisory period in Richensland, advising the government, until 28 September when Aniq Sufyan resigned and then attempted to reclaim office, causing a rift where the Cycoldian government claimed Arthur Lacey-Scott as Prime Minister while Aniq Sufyan declared himself Prime Minister. After a breakdown in negotiations both sides ceased negotiations.


The constitution was ratified on 23 August 2021 by the Parliament of Richensland. The constitution serves as the supreme law of the land. Throughout its history, Richensland has had 3 de jure constitutions and 4 de facto constitutions.

The current constitution has been amended once by the Constitution Act, 2021 on 22 September 2021. According to the amended constitution, the head of state is the President of the National Convention and Queen and the head of government is currently the Prime Minister of Richensland.

Other than the constitution itself, acts of parliament that have passed and been ratified can serve as amendments or law differentiated from the constitution. With this, Richensland has a de facto uncodified constitution but retains a de jure codified constitution that was almost amended fully by the Constitution Act, 2021. Though reforms are being taken to reform the Constitution to modify it, such as the passing of the Treason Act of 2021.

Political parties

Name Logo Leader Spectrum Seats Status Formed
United Democratic Party Arthur Lacey-Scott Active 30 September 2021
Progressive Monarchist Party tlontb Active 28 September 2021

Political system

The government of Richensland functions with three separate branches of power.

Legislative branch of power

The Parliament of Richensland has the ability to pass and vote on laws to be presented, and the Prime Minister is a memeber of this Parliament. Though the Parliament does not appoint the Prime Minister as of 27 September 2021 due to a schism, and was put into recess by the Queen due to this scism.

Human Rights


Rainbow Pride Flag

LGBT rights are considered a fundemental right by the government. Rights are protected by the Constitution of Richensland which prohibit discrimination. After the rift with the Aniq Sufyan Government, Arthur Lacey Scott published The Treason Act, which abolished all policies of discrimination.

Administrative Divisions

The Republic Cultural Centre (TRCC) of Republic Polytechnic in Sjerelyslau.
The Republic Cultural Centre (TRCC) of Republic Polytechnic in Sjerelyslau.

Richensland is divided into 8 districts and 2 major mainland territories, which consist of the capital city, the Sjerelyslau Capital Territory and a water catchment area which is officially claimed by Richensland but the government of Richensland holds no power over it, even in their own eyes. Everything, except for the water catchment area, is under the direct authority of the republic.

Foreign Relations

Foreign policy

Inspired by Molossia, Richensland's declaration of "permanent neutrality" was formally recognized by the Constitution of Richensland in 2021.

The declaration stated that the neutrality would prevent Richensland from participating in multi-national political organizations, like the Grand Unified Micronational, but allows informal assistance. Its neutral foreign policy has an important place in the nation's role. Richensland has diplomatic relations with a limited number of micronations.

This foreign policy was to avoid conflicts or wars such as the the Richenslandic Diplomatic Crisis.

Exceptions for joining intermicronational organizations can be made by The Directory in accordance with the Constitution of Richensland. This may allow Richensland to be a member state in intermicronational organizations.

An exception doesn't have to be made if Richensland is joining an intermicronational organization that it help founded.

It was originally the foreign policy of the Plurinational State of Richensland, as it's continuation, Richensland currently has the rights to it.

List of nations regconised

United nation members

Richensland regconises all UN members with the exception of a few. Though not mandated by any law, if a state has done something that the Parliament of Richensland deems threatening to the world or to Richensland, the President of Richensland, with the consent and advice of the Prime Minister on the issue, decree a national emergency to address the issue. The nation can either be:
1. Santioned or
2. Not regconised.

The same applies to micronations.

China issue

Richensland believes that there is one China and that it shall be unified. As such, The Republic of China is regconised as the one legitimate China. As the more regconised People's Republic of China is communist, is another reason why Richensland refuses to regconise China. In Richensland, it is referred to as "Communist China" with Winnie the Pooh as head of State.

Isreal and Palestine

Richensland has never doubted Isreal's right to exist however, to do so, cannot have Palestine.

Richensland regconises Isreal as an independent state, however only regconises Palestine as an entity, not a state. The current Prime Minister has stated that he may change this policy though


As Richensland is neutral, Richensland does not regconise any micronation, even itself. Instead preferring informal relations. This degree of informal relations can be so high as nations condemning Richensland. This was inspired by Molossia's.


The Sigtelageecn is the military of the nation. It has air, land and sea presence and also internet presence. The head of state serves as the Commander in Chief in ex officio capacity during his tenure.

There are four branches in the Sigtelageecn. These are the Ground Forces, Air Force and Navy. There is also an internet police which is part of the military under the name "Richensland Terrorist Forces" and commands loyalty to the nation in discord servers. It's methods include spamming, raiding and nuking servers if necessary and is supported by the government.

The Sigtelageecn is not a standing army but tries it's best to be a proper army.

Celebrated days

Celebrated days in Richensland
Date Name Status
1 January New Year's day National holiday
1 May Labour day National holiday
2 May Day of the Most Serene Star National holiday
13 August Freedom day National day and national holiday
15 June Pride day Significant day
25 December Christmas National (religious) holiday
varies Hari Raya Aidilfitri National (religious) holiday
varies Hari Raya Aidiladha National (religious) holiday
varies Deepavali National (religious) holiday


Richensland has no official national sport. Association football has been widely popular with citizens to the level of a unofficial de facto national sport.

Other sports of interest include Cricket which is mostly played by the Indian communities.

Richensland has also never had the chance to be represented in an intermicronational sports event as it does not have the budget and the logistics to do so can never be fufilled by the nation. Thus, Richensland has never won a medal.