Grand Republic of Cycoldia

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Grand Republic of Cycoldia

2018 — Present

Flag of Cycoldia Real.svgBest Coat Of Arms Of Cycoldia.png

Grandeur by Force
Two Grenadiers[1][a]

Cycoldia Map Territories.png

Capital cityEmpreton
Largest cityEmpreton
Official language(s)English (UK)
Short nameCycoldia
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
- Summi ImperatoriaChristina I
- Prime MinisterJayden Prasatik
- RegentEkaterina Elswick
- Chief of the Armed ForcesHayden Lenard'
- Chief of the CSDFThaddeus Miller
LegislatureGeneral Assembly of Cycoldia
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 20
Established6 November 2018
Area claimed5.5891943km²
Population154 (as of the 13 September 2020 census)
Currency$ (USD)
GDP (nominal)$325,321.8
Very High
(National Equity used)
Very High [2]
Time zone(CST/CT)
RIS 002 codeGC, CYC
National sportChess
National animalGolden Eagle
This nation is a member of the YAMO Federation

Official Website of Cycoldia

The Grand Republic of Cycoldia, (pronounced /sikldiə/), commonly known as Cycoldia (see the Etymology Section) is a micronation located in Houston. It was created by Christina I who is the current Summi Imperatoria of the nation. It is a constitutional monarchy, but the citizens vote which of the previous rulers children will rule once the ruler dies. The nation has been represented previously at MicroCon 2019.


The full name of the nation is "The Grand Republic of Cycoldia of the Duchies of Greater Houston, The Duchy of Denver, The Duchy of Tequrovidea, and the Sub-Duchy of Crystal Bay, along with the Joint-Crown Territory of Lur alongside the colonies of the Atkison Island, the Blue Water Atoll, and Hog Island, and descendant of the Republic of Flirbonia". With the origin of the name of Cycoldia coming from the original proposed name "Cyclodia", though it is not known where the origin of Cyclodia came from. Cycoldia was suggested by a member of the Royal Family of Cycoldia, who had said of "Cyclodia" that it "sounds like a blood disease". This resulted in Christina I changing the name of the nation to Cycoldia, and the name has been continued to be used to this day. The name Cycoldia has been confused with Cyclodia multiple times, including by some official foreign relations, such as Ruayano, Etukan, Slabovia, Dracul, etc.


The Grand Republic was founded on 6 November 2018, under the name "Republic of Cycoldia", then on 11 December 2018 the (at the time) Chief of Armed Forces was found to have been plotting a military coup. Luckily this was discovered, and quickly dealt with. Within two weeks later Gavin plead guilty and was exiled from Cycoldia for 3 years after he had been fleeing from the nation twice.

The nation has also had a very turbulent history, with it being at "war"[b] multiple times (most being defensive "wars" but also including 5 "civil wars"[b]). The Grand Republic was at "war"[b] with the Empire of Etukan due to Etukan declaring a coalition "war"[b] against Cycoldia. Cycoldia had also agreed to join the United Imperial Empire on 5 May, although then breaking away on 21 May due to the UIE's government saying that if the law the "Cannon Law of Texas" was not accepted then they would replace the Cycoldian Government.

This caused the Grand Republic to be born for a second time on 21 May 2019 at 8:55CT PM. Since becoming independent, the nation had become a member of the League of Micronations as a Security Council member, and the sovereign (Christina I of Cycoldia) had become the Minister of Voting and Elections, and the Co-Owner of the League.

On 30 June 2019 the Grand Republic defeated the Order of the Lotus, and was able to sign a peace with Eora (Etukan). This was after countless failed attempts for peace negotiations with the nation. On 24 August the Grand Republic peacefully annexed Ticronvidia, causing Ticronvidia to change their name to the Duchy of Tequrovidea, as a governing member of Cycoldia.

Crisis of the 7th

On 7 July, Ethan F., after losing the election, decided to question the legitimacy of the Imperial Government. This was done by mocking the Summi Imperatoria's divine right theory way of rule. Ethan was quickly arrested at 00:25. The Prime Minister at the time and President of the National Spicy Association publicly apologized for his subordinate's actions. Then Ethan F. tried appealing to other nations governments, eventually receiving no aide, and even being mocked by them. At 02:17 the Summi Imperatoria of Cycoldia then made a motion to dissolve the General Assembly. The proposed reason was for the General Assembly being inefficient bureaucracy that was not prepared to run a government. At 17:45 the Summi Imperatoria announced that the General Assembly was suspended until further notice. The crisis ended when Ethan F. stopped communication with Cycoldia.

MicroCon 2019

The Summi Imperatoria Christina I of Cycoldia did attend MicroCon 2019[4] representing the Grand Republic of Cycoldia, while she was in attendance at the convention she helped found the YAMO Federation, and was even awarded the MicroCon Attendance Medal (Slabovia), Space and Planet Exploration Medal (Republic of West Who)[5], and the Medal of Friendship (Grand Duchy of Danduros). She attended both the Gala Dinner and the General Conference.[6]

Shutdown and Crisis of the 25th

On 25 August, Summi Imperatoria Christina I declared that she would be temporarily handing over the government to the recently announced Regent. The Summi Imperatoria did continue to act in the nation, as she suspended the requests for citizenship and interacted with the citizens. Although she did this she still had continued to stay away from acting on foreign diplomacy and foreign interactions, differing to the Regent for those. The shutdown ended up lasting 3 days, with the Summi Imperatoria enacting that the government would be active and operational. The Regent kept their position and the (at the time) Prime Minister had become more interactive to the government and the features of aiding the citizens.


The Summi Imperatoria signing the treaty

On 24 August 2019 the Treaty of Chondvel was signed, annexing the 2nd Kingdom of Ticronvidia into the Semi-Independent Duchy of Tequrovidea. The terms of the treaty was as followed:

  1. The Second Kingdom of Ticronvidia will become a semi-independent duchy of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia.
  2. Ticronvidia will rename to Tequrovidea
  3. Tequrovidea will have a local army, a local currency, local laws (while still abiding by Cycoldian laws), and the Ticronvidian Protectorates of Hosamia and Wefren are to be autonomous duchies within Tequrovidea

On 11 December 2019 Jahonnes of Tequrovidea illegally declared independence from the Grand Republic of Cycoldia. Cycoldia's General Assembly then passed a decision at 10:52CST on 12 December 2019 declaring that the secessionist state was not permitted, and was in fact a revolution. Christina I of Cycoldia also added that "They have shown that they will not use diplomacy or reason, they have placed horrible officials in power and worse ones for higher offices, they have invited Etukan into their nation, Elysium to top it, and Suyash Adikhari to be the hierarchy. They have called our officials a 'wench' and they have opened an illegal rebellion, this is unacceptable". She also placed Arif Yaren in the position of Duke of Tequrovidea, making the government of Tequrovidia fully disputed, with both sides claiming legitimacy. The position of the Duchess of Tequrovidea is currently held by Ekaterina Elswick.


The government of Cycoldia works as a constitutional monarchy, with the Constitution limiting the government and speaking on the ways to elect leaders.

  • The Executive Branch is the Summi Imperator/Summi Imperatoria, the Imperial Cabinet, and the Chief of Staff (this will sometimes be coupled with the Departmental system).
  • The Judicial Branch is lead by the Court of Houston, and leads over the entire judicial system of Cycoldia, although the Summi Imperator/Summi Imperatoria is the Chief Justice of the Court of Houston.
  • The third and final branch of government is the Legislative Branch, which only comprises of the General Assembly, although also in the General Assembly the Summi Imperator/Summi Imperatoria is the Speaker of the General Assembly. The Prime Minister also acts as the Deputy Speaker of the General Assembly when the Speaker is not present.
  • The CSDF also is the official police department of the Cycoldian government. It is also a piece of the government according to the Constitution of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia.
  • The Regent is essentially the Crown Prince, they are as the essentially Vice Summi Imperator/Summi Imperatoria, but they are able to lead large sections of the government, even when the Summi Imperator/Summi Imperatoria is there. The Regent also acts as Summi Imperator/Summi Imperatoria whenever they are not there to make actions and run the government.
The Royal Sword of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia

These are goverment officials:

Each Royal Photo of Christina I of Cycoldia is seen below:

General Assembly seats

Party Logo Party Leader Spectrum Ideologies Seats High Ranking Positions
Monarchist Party of Cycoldia Best Coat Of Arms Of Cycoldia.png Christina I of Cycoldia Monarchist Royalism
14 / 20
Summi Imperatoria, Chief of the Armed Forces, Prime Minister
Democratic Party of Cycoldia Democratic Party of Cycoldia Logo.png Eovnia Pual Moderate Left Democratic
1 / 20
Unitary Party of Cycoldia Unitary Party of Cycoldia Logo.png Christopher T. Libertarian Libertarianism
1 / 20
Constitutionalist Party of Cycoldia Constitutionalist Party of Cycoldia Logo.jpg Ezra Centre-Wing Constitutionalism
0 / 20
Independent N/A N/A Non-Aligned N/A
4 / 20



Cycoldia states it has been recognised by the United States Department of Education by technicality, as per a stamp on the passport of Christina I of Cycoldia.[11]Cycoldia is in the following organisations or alliances (Multi-Micronational Pacts):

As well the Grand Republic of Cycoldia recognises the following nations (Non-Mutual):

The Grand Republic of Cycoldia has mutual recognition with the following nations:

The Grand Republic of Cycoldia has ceased mutual recognition with the following nations:

(The Grand Republic of Cycoldia also attended MicroCon 2019, and Christina I of Cycoldia has said that she has intentions to attend MicroCon 2021, possibly with another person.)

Entry into the nation

For diplomatic purposes, a diplomat will have to tell a Border Officer (BO) about the nation that they are coming from and then have their Head of State confirm their diplomatic status. Afterwards, they will be allowed to be in any diplomatic areas of Cycoldia, such as the Discord server as a diplomatic ambassador.


Date Name
1 January New Year's Day
30 June Victory Day
30 August Missy Barrett Day
6 November Independence Day
16 November Eugene Thomas Day
4th Thursday in November Thanksgiving
Winter Solstice Yule
25 December Christmas

Cycoldia has a very mixed culture, with a majority of the population being Christian. Cycoldia is mostly aligned with the culture of the United States of America, with even 77-80% of the population living in the Duchies of the nation. Cycoldia also has a very deep devotion to the monarchy. As well the nation is a secular society, with the freedom of religion. Cycoldia is thought as a very heavily militarised nation, with 20.06% of the population being in the military. Cycoldia also has a very nonpartisan education system, with the General Assembly having no place in education, instead the Summi Imperator/Summi Imperatoria having the authority over the educational system. Cycoldia also has a very interventionist system in multiple intermicronational issues. Cycoldians are also very patriotic with zero separatist movements in the nation's history[d]. The nation also harbours a large number of diplomats, having 65 diplomats representing entities in the nation. The nation also mainly uses Discord to communicate with it's citizens and as well mainly uses it to conduct diplomacy and foreign relations but also will meet on other sites and in real life.


The Cycoldiaball has been used in the nation for a long time, including with pieces such as with the version of it with the ball attacking an unknown entity. As well the Cycoldiaball has been very influential in representing the nation and its people such as in a group picture of many Countryballs. A few examples of Cycoldiaball are:

Cycoldia in Hetalia

Cycoldia was first introduced in Hetalia by an artist on twitter named @chan_sebo [27] on 17 February 2020. Later they made a page on Tumblr in which there are more made ones of Cycoldia in Hetalia, with the page being ask-hws-cycoldia[28]. Christina I also has submitted a question to the page on Tumblr [29]. In Hetalia Cycoldia is depicted wearing either a uniform or an orange t-shirt, with her hair being braided. As stated by the person who manages the tumblr page they are not affiliated with the Cycoldian government [30] and that they are only in the Cycoldian discord server and know Christina I of Cycoldia, though they are not connected to anyone else in the government.

The Nowellian

On 19 October Christina I of Cycoldia released a puzzle mystery called The Nowellian, in which she then challenged people to reach the "Prasatik Solution". The next day at 00:00CT she then released the final clue, which was a link to this page on Microwiki. There currently has been 1 person able to solve The Nowellian, Cameron I of Ikonia. It is and has been sponsored by the Cycoldian government, as the person to create it is Christina I of Cycoldia (Monarch of Cycoldia). The Nowellian has been said to have to do with the Cycoldian political scene. Her Imperial Majesty has also created a channel on Cycoldia's official Discord server, called "nowellain-updates".

State-produced films

  • Glory to Cycoldia - It is a film of Christina I of Cycoldia burning the Etukan Flag. The burning started to pick up at 6:41 in the video, whenever the flags start burning as a whole. There were a total of 6 flags to be burnt during the propaganda piece.
  • The Summi Imperatoria’s Will - It is a short 8 second video of Christina I of Cycoldia in full secondary uniform firing a pistol cap gun. After she fired the cap gun she threw it to an unknown location. After throwing said cap gun she unsheathed the Royal Sword of Cycoldia. The video had a pool in the corner of the video, and displayed the flag in the background. As well the video was taken by a mobile phone.
  • Tour of the Cycoldia Minecraft World - It is a 37 minute tour of the stated official Minecraft world of Cycoldia by Christina I of Cycoldia. Alex I of Lytera and Samilias I of Sunsonia as well speak in this video. As the description of the video states the audio of Christina I of Cycoldia was corrupted by the recording software and was unable to be recovered, while the audio for the other two was not corrupted. The comment on the video left by the official account of Cycoldia is "8:49 - 9:11 is a cool part".

April Fools Day 2020

For April Fools Day in 2020 Christina I declared that the government would adopt the denied EU proposal Barcode flag, that the National religion would be Pastafarianism, that the new national name would be the United States of Cycoldia, and that the new national language would be English (Russian). Later in the day she made the flag the "Head Fire Man" from a video by CallMeCarson, seen in a video on


The first Flag of Cycoldia was a rectangular standard with 3:2 dimensions. The later design was also a rectangular standard with the original flag design as the canton and ten red stripes and nine white stripes, similar to the design of the Flag of the United States, with approximate dimensions of 4:3. The current design of the Cycoldian flag has slight alterations, including the change of the stripe being no longer clipped by the canton, as well the dimensions are changed to approximately 3:2. The flag's meaning is that the canton symbolises the original two capital system, in which the two capitals are merging together to make one nation. The bars of the flag were added later, with the meaning being people involved in the foundation of the nation, and the items that are honoured by the nation.


Name Awarded by Appearance Collar
Order of Nowell Summi Imperator/Summi Imperatoria of Cycoldia Medal of The Order Of Nowell.png Collar of the Order of Nowell SVG.svg
Knighthood of Cycoldia Summi Imperator/Summi Imperatoria of Cycoldia, or a Prince, Princess, or Regent N/A Knighthood of Cycoldia Heraldry.svg
Order of Christina I Summi Imperator/Summi Imperatoria of Cycoldia Possible Order of Christina I.png Collar of the Order of Christina I Heraldry.svg
Order of Eugene A Protector of the Order of Eugene N/A Order of Eugene Collar.svg
Order of Elswick Summi Imperator/Summi Imperatoria of Cycoldia Order of Elswick Medal.png N/A
Imperial Badge of Excellency Any officer of the Cycoldian Armed Forces Cycoldian Badge of Excellency.jpeg N/A

The nation was also given a Honorary Western Xylophonian National Honor by the  Western Xylophonian Republic



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